Tas Interclub Series Round 2: NWRCCC 8/12

Round Two of the inaugural Tassie R/C Interclub Series has been announced for Saturday 8th December at NWRCCC’s excellent Latrobe raceway.

The basic info is below, and we’ll pass on full details as further information is received.  Put this in your diary, it will be a great day out with the full range of 10th EP and 8th EP/GP classes on offer.

Come, represent Launceston R/C and keep us on top of the Interclub Series.  And remember, 100 racers from all over Tassie supported the Launceston Cup…this is our chance to support our fellow Tassie R/C clubs.

Enter on-line here. Or visit the official NWRCCC event page/thread here


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10 Responses to Tas Interclub Series Round 2: NWRCCC 8/12

  1. Penning it into the diary now so that I can try and make it!

  2. Cheers for the plug Scott, should be a good event; I can’t wait to see how we all go on the clay with the Short Courses and 1\10th buggies… I tried out the 1\10th buggy the other week and it is going to take some getting used to!

  3. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Awesome, can’t wait 🙂

  4. dezzar12 says:


  5. ian scott says:

    should be a good day. Will the 1/10 be running the short version of the track

  6. I’ll be the short track Ian for all 1\10th classes.

  7. One thing not on the flyer, we’ll be using the Goodwood Stock SC rules: http://www.gomcc.com.au/ClassesandRules/2WDShortCourse.aspx
    Same as LRC but with Open tyres, due to the nature of the track.

    Let me know if it would help if I put together a bulk order for the SC tyres for you Launnie guys who may not have clay tyres all ready. I’ll see if I can organise something through Ryper to save on postage etc.

  8. Hi Chris, that will be perfectly fine, we might rename it to 1\8th Electric Buggy\Truggy

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