27th of September 2012 Results

It was an action packed night of racing last night, and unfortunately some of the action surrounded a computer glitch.  And whilst the Alycat results are askew, we do know what the end results were!!

Alycat results for Last night, as well as the 2 previous race meets can be found at http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/

So, to the results!!!

Short Course A

1st Rodney Houghton
2nd Adam Beresford
3rd Derek Beresford
4th Jarrod Painting
5th Shaun Whatley
6th Calvin James
7th Damien Betts
8th Chris Madziara
9th Matthew Chandler
10th Jade Chandler

Short Course B

1st James Atkinson
2nd Alexander Wade
3rd Jacob Cox
4th Leo Lorenzen
5th Richard Green
6th Brett Baylis
7th Andrew Eberhardt
8th Ian Scott
9th Philip Ferguson

8th Big Bangers

1st Rodney Houghton
2nd Steve Madziara
3rd Ben Wilson
4th Brett Baylis
5th Adam Beresford
6th John Silczak

Tenth Buggy

1st Andrew MacKenzie
2nd Steve Madziara
3rd Jarrod Painting
4th Patrick Hume
5th Calvin James
6th Damien Betts
7th Chris Madzara
8th Chris Brickwood
9th Ben Goode
10th Leo Lorenzo


1st Chloe Beresford
2nd Jacob Cox
3rd Sam Bettz
4th Danny Tatnell
5th Rob Kuipers


1st Jade Chandler
2nd Graham Viney
3rd James Atkinson
4th Kellie Viney
5th Ian Scott
DNS Matthew Chandler

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3 Responses to 27th of September 2012 Results

  1. ian scott says:

    Another good turn out last night. But on a sour note
    I believe that the novice needs help in marshelling the onroad class.Every meeting theres someone up in the ropes and the marshels not looking at where they are marshelling and cars are in front of them caught.

  2. dezzar12 says:

    thanks Richard fo the results!

  3. Had a rough night out but turned to be a good one for me from winning Short Course Truck B-Class and 3rd for the Mini also its the only 3rd meeting too!

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