Results!! 13/9/2012

Well, First off, thanks to everyone for last night!!

Being the first solo meet for Macca and I, I think it went fairly smoothly. So thanks for your patience.

As we’re moving along through this points season, we are working on the current scores, and will post up a current ranking ASAP! But again, i thank you for you patience, as we the new Race Control are still learning.

“Get to the results Greenie!!!” I hear you yelling!!!

Hang on tight, here we go!!!

Short Course A

Pos Name ID#                   Rnd 1                    Rnd 2                     Main

1st Sam Wells (TQ)          14/5m11.507s    14/5m8.261s      26/10m3.614s

2nd Adam Beresford      0/0m0.000s         13/5m8.853s      26/10m21.580s

3rd Rodney Houghton   13/5m4.478s      13/5m5.020s     25/10m6.324s

4th Mark Rayner              13/5m2.662s      14/5m19.049s    25/10m13.913s

5th Justin Strickland        11/4m56.598s    12/5m5.741s      23/10m3.252s

6th Derek Beresford       12/5m14.885s    0/0m0.000s        23/10m30.139s

7th Jade Chandler            12/5m12.126s    12/5m8.321s      22/10m7.928s

8th Chris Madziara           12/5m7.214s     12/5m5.410s      22/10m12.193s

9th Calvin James               13/5m22.423s    13/5m22.101s    22/10m25.562s

10th Leo Lorenzen           0/0m0.000s        12/5m13.058s   20/10m37.802s

Short Course B

Pos Name                            Rnd 1                    Rnd 2                     Main

1st Matthew Chandler   11/5m5.668s      10/5m16.810s    23/10m23.583s

2nd James Atkinson        0/0m0.000s        11/5m11.135s    22/10m1.615s

3rd Graham Viney           10/5m0.236s      10/5m8.230s      21/10m6.641s

4th Alexander Wade      9/5m6.640s        11/5m7.027s      20/10m0.518s

5th Andrew Eberhardt   10/5m21.292s    10/5m1.279s      20/10m16.928s

6th Ian Scott                       10/5m20.154s    10/5m21.748s    19/10m4.158s

7th Philip Ferguson         10/5m16.753s    10/5m9.760s      18/10m11.581s

8th Brett Baylis                  5/2m8.949s         3/1m18.377s      7/3m55.355s

DNS Damien Betts           8/5m21.556s      0/0m0.000s        0/0m0.000s


Pos Name                           Rnd 1                    Rnd 2                     Main

1st Sam Bettz                     8/4m10.736s      11/5m7.999s      22/10m25.935s

2nd Jacob Cox (TQ)         11/5m8.531s      12/5m15.010s    21/10m17.487s

3rd Chloe Beresford       11/5m20.125s    12/5m19.834s    20/10m1.603s

DNS Daniel Sheehan       7/5m23.500s      6/5m14.375s      0/0m0.000s


Pos Name                           Rnd 1                     Rnd 2                     Main

1st Jade Chandler (TQ) 19/5m11.733s    19/5m12.503s   37/10m15.623s

2nd Matthew Chandler 18/5m13.275s   16/5m16.439s    36/10m0.141s

3rd Graham Viney           16/5m0.568s      18/5m12.176s   33/10m6.220s

4th James Atkinson         16/5m6.312s      17/5m16.133s    31/9m59.423s

5th Ian Scott                       10/3m47.512s    14/5m6.662s      30/10m12.744s

8th Big Bangers

Pos Name                            Rnd 1                    Rnd 2                     Main

1st Steve Madziara (TQ) 15/5m20.005s   15/5m14.024s    28/10m5.329s

2nd Rodney Houghton 14/5m9.485s      13/5m7.158s      27/10m7.340s

3rd Ben Wilson                  12/5m1.329s      13/5m10.420s    24/10m16.443s

4th Brett Baylis                  12/5m11.398s    12/5m1.092s      22/10m19.667s

5th Adam Beresford       13/5m0.078s      13/5m15.486s    22/10m21.965s

6th Darren Sheehan       11/5m22.687s    7/5m1.646s         14/10m4.684s

DNS John Silczak               11/5m8.875s      0/0m0.000s         0/0m0.000s

Tenth Buggy

Pos Name                           Rnd 1                     Rnd 2                     Main

1st Andrew Mac (TQ)     14/5m16.603s   15/5m21.913s    27/10m14.550s

2nd Jarrod Painting         14/5m0.995s      14/5m4.512s      26/10m16.716s

3rd Steve Madziara         14/5m15.014s    14/5m15.613s    26/10m17.181s

4th Justin Strickland        13/5m7.141s      14/5m24.287s    25/10m9.642s

5th Damien Betts             14/5m10.937s    14/5m9.127s      25/10m15.757s

6th Calvin James               8/5m20.018s      14/5m5.807s      25/10m20.134s

7th Mark Rayner              12/5m17.050s    14/5m19.725s    24/10m14.282s

8th Chris Madziara           12/5m6.588s      12/5m5.781s      23/10m21.576s

9th Darren Sheehan       10/5m13.443s    9/4m49.221s      19/10m8.452s

10th Danny Tatnell          1/0m31.630s     9/5m5.906s         18/10m21.886s

11th Leo Lorenzen           11/5m26.615s   11/5m17.262s    15/10m2.042s


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10 Responses to Results!! 13/9/2012

  1. Justin Strickland says:

    Will the results with the actual times go up from this race and the last round ones?

  2. Had a bit of a good night coming 2nd for b-class Sct and 4th for the Mini but it was its first time out so i wasnt expecting do well with it!

    • I dont know how i mangaged a 2nd B-Class SCT, since i found a problem with the blitz when its free wheeling while carrying it to the track; The Outdrives for the Gear diff is worn like you would never believe and lucky i still had my MIP Ball Diff so ive thrown that back in the Truck to keep me going for rest of this series!

    • dezzar12 says:

      james u only beat ian in touring.

  3. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Great job Greenie, everything ran smooooth 🙂
    Really good night all round.

  4. Sam Wells says:

    So he should be 😛 haha

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