Race Results 23/08/2012

Sorry for the delay in posting the results, guys and gal’s!!! Been a VERY hectic couple of weeks!

First, after a computer glitch, wanting to run 2 Mains for SCT B, I’m not a 100% on the results, as Greeny has the print out, please inform us by leaving a reply below, if the SCT B finals are incorrect

So, apologies for the glitch, as we are on a learning curve with Scotty G away on work, so please bare with us!!…

So, enough Jibber Jabber………… here we go!!

Short Course A
Pos Name
1st Mark Rayner
2nd Rodney Houghton
3rd Justin Strickland
4th Andrew MacKenzie
5th Adam Beresford
6th Calvin James (TQ)
7th Jade Chandler
8th Shaun Whatley
9th Chris Madziara
10th Matthew Chandler

Short Course B
Pos Name
1st Brett Baylis
2nd Derek Beresford
3rd Jacob Cox
4th Alexander Wade
5th James Atkinson
6th Andrew Eberhardt
7th Tom West
8th Philip Ferguson
9th Andrew Green

Pos Name
1st Jacob Cox (TQ)
2nd Chloe Beresford
3rd Chris West
4th Andrew West
5th Sam Bettz
6th Simon Schoenmaker

Pos Name
1st James Atkinson (TQ)
2nd Jade Chandler
3rd Graham Viney
4th Kellie Viney
5th Ian Scott
6th Matthew Chandler
DNS Tom West

Tenth Buggy A
Pos Name
1st Jarrod Painting (TQ)
2nd Steve Madziara
3rd Patrick Hume
4th Calvin James
5th Andrew MacKenzie
6th Chris Madziara

Tenth Buggy B
Pos Name
1st Mark Rayner
2nd Ben Goode
3rd Leo Lorenzen
4th Damien Betts
5th Danny Tatnell

8th Big Bangers
Pos Name
1st Steve Madziara (TQ)
2nd Rodney Houghton
3rd Chris Murray
4th Brett Baylis
5th Ian Scott
6th Ben Wilson
DNS Graham Viney
DNS Adam Beresford
DNS John Silczak


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