Race Report 9th of August 2012

The results from last night are online now at http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/


  1. Jacob Cox
  2. Chloe Beresford
  3. Sam Bettz


  1. Jade Chandler
  2. Matthew Chandler
  3. Ian Scott
  4. Andrew Mackenzie (DNS)
  5. James Atkinson (DNS)
  6. Kellie Viney (DNS)

10th Scale Buggy

  1. Damien Bettz
  2. Calvin James
  3. Patrick Hume
  4. Chris Madziara
  5. Jarrod Painting
  6. Jade Chandler
  7. Leo Lorenzen
  8. Danny Tatnell
  9. Steve Madziara
  10. Matthew CHandler (DNS)

8th Scale Buggy

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Rodney Houghton
  3. Ben Wilson
  4. Adam Beresford
  5. Chris Murray
  6. Brett Baylis
  7. Ian Scott
  8. Graham Viney (DNS)
  9. John Silczak (DNS)

Short Course Truck A

  1. Sam Wells
  2. Rodney Houghton
  3. Adam Beresford
  4. Andrew Mackenzie
  5. Calvin James
  6. Shaun Whatley
  7. Derek Beresford
  8. Andrew Green

Short Course Truck B

  1. Brett Baylis
  2. Richard Green
  3. Graham Viney
  4. Chris Madziara
  5. Alexander Wade
  6. Andrew Eberhardt
  7. James Atkinson (DNS) ??
  8. Jacob Cox (DNS)
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5 Responses to Race Report 9th of August 2012

  1. I think i came 1st for B-Class Final for Short Course Trucks and the results are saying that i did a DNS?? I had my Vodafone Blitz Body last night!

  2. Hence why I had the ?? beside the result for you. However I lost track as I was in the race myself, and I can only go on what the computer recorded. Greenie or Paddy may remember?

    • Thanks, I would like least get my outright points for SC Class!!

      Then i’ll be happy!

      • Paddy says:

        James, the computer picked up your transponder as incorrect, mid race I allocated it and you went from last to first place. I then left before the race finished but you were in the lead when I left. Greenie may be able to shed more light. My appoligises.

      • dezzar12 says:

        i watched the race and James did beat Brett!

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