Race Report: Thursday 12 July, 2012

(Updated 14/7/2012 With Race Report) I won’t go into too much detail tonight, because I’m only typing because I can’t get to sleep!! I will add some more of a report tomorrow.

The results can be found here.

I’ve also started a new index of results for the results that I will be putting up from this meet onwards for the time being.  You can find that here http://www.richardgreenphotography.com.au/LRC/



By the novice final the field was down to 6 cars from 8,  Jacob Cox started from pole and never looked like being caught, followed through by Chloe Beresford and Mark Jones.

  1. Jacob Cox
  2. Chloe Beresford
  3. Mark Jones
  4. Michael Taylor
  5. Sam Bettz
  6. Kade Targett
  7. Carl Taylor (DNS)
  8. Kris Jones (DNS)


Tourers was a reasonable sized field of 6, with Graham Viney missing out on a start in the final with car problems. The Main race was let by Rodney Houghton from start to finish with Chris Madziara chasing hard after coing into 2nd place early in the race.  Jade Chandler had a good race to round out the top three.

  1. Rodney Houghton
  2. Chris Madziara
  3. Jade Chandler
  4. Kellie Viney
  5. Ian Scott
  6. James Atkinson (DNF)
  7. Graham Viney (DNS)

Tenth Buggy

Tenth Buggy as always brought some very close racing to the track.  Steve Madzira and Andrew MacKenzie traded places on a number of occasions with Jarrod Painting also puting pressure on early in the race before having to retire.  In the end Patrick Hume rounded out the top three.

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Andrew MacKenzie
  3. Patrick Hume
  4. Damien Betts
  5. Darren Sheehan
  6. Jarod Painting
  7. Ben Goode
  8. Danny Tatnell
  9. Matthew Chandler

Short Course B

In the B final it was Richard Green leading the pack away from pole, being closely shadowed by Graham Viney early in the race.  However a charging Aaron Peck caught Graham during the race, but was unable to catch Richard, with Richard taking the win, Aaron in second, and Graham in third.

  1. Richard Green
  2. Aaron Peck
  3. Graham Viney
  4. Ian Scott
  5. Phillip Ferguson
  6. Andrew Eberhart
  7. Matthew Chandler
  8. Derek Beresford (DNS)
  9. Jacob Cox (DNS)

Short Course A

Short Course A was a tight affair with only a couple of laps seperating most of the field. Adam Beresford took the jump from Pole position and wasn’t caught throught the race. Rodney Houghton settled into 2nd place by the third lap, with Shaun Whatley fighting through the field to tke the third place on the podium.

  1. Adam Beresford
  2. Rodney Houghton
  3. Shaun Whatley
  4. James Atkinson
  5. Chris Madziara
  6. Andrew Green
  7. Jade Chandler
  8. Michael Peck
  9. Brett Baylis
  10. Andrew MacKenzie

8th Scale

A 4 car field contested the 8th scale final  with Steve Madziara streaking ahead early in the race from Ben Wilson. Troy Taylor came in at third place and Darren Sheehan tounding out 4th place.

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Ben Wilson
  3. Troy Taylor
  4. Darren Sheehan
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7 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 12 July, 2012

  1. dezzar12 says:

    thanks Richard

  2. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Uh oh, looks like I’ll need to check/replace transponder as short course has missed laps during final.

    • Andrew Mackenzie says:

      Yeah, dodgy wire. Transponder starts flashing but if I move the wire it stops til I let go move wire again. Will need to cut and replug. I thought the truck was goin better than that 🙂

  3. What a good night for me in the Short Course but not so lucky in the Tourer!

  4. ian scott says:

    Had a good night with the blitz ese finishing 4th and the mini coming 5th overall

  5. rallyart123 says:

    had a good night with new truck finshed 6th that ok try and move up neet time

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