Tiger Models Launceston Cup 2012 – Last Minute Info

Here’s a few bits of last minute information for competitors in the 2012 Tiger Models Launceston Cup.

Pit Tables

Pit tables are the responsibility of competitors. There are some extra tables at Rutherglen, but we cannot reserve or guarantee them. Launceston regulars in particular – please bring your own pit table from home for this event.

Race Schedule

Here’s what we looking at for Saturday. It’s a full day!

Race Track Preview

Just to get the juices flowing over the next 24 hours, here’s what lies in wait for you on Friday afternoon. Thanks to Greenie, Paddy and the mighty track team it’s our best looking track yet.


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3 Responses to Tiger Models Launceston Cup 2012 – Last Minute Info

  1. Chris murray says:

    VERY, VERY nice guys!! What a great group of guys for doing such an excellent job with the track !! Look forward to racing

  2. Shane says:

    Looks excellent guys thanks for giving us such a wicked track. Never even seen a wall ride before, really looking forward to it see you all up there 😉

  3. Wow! Love the Wall Ride cant wait to ride it plus ive got my Wheel LED Lights today! See ya’ll soon James

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