Tiger Models Launceston Cup Draft Grid Listing

Here’s the draft grid listing for Saturday’s racing:  LC2012_Grid.html (UPDATED WEDNESDAY NIGHT 9PM)

Please check your details and let Scott know if transponder number or frequency is incorrect.

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8 Responses to Tiger Models Launceston Cup Draft Grid Listing

  1. dezzar12 says:

    Rubbings Racing!..lol. its getting close to race day,starting to get butterflies!good luck everyone..have fun.

  2. Short Course C is going to be hectic 🙂 Should be a good fight between NWRCCC and “the rest”… No long now…. Truck has have some minor maintenance and ready to rock.

  3. scottg says:

    Changes made to the draft grid listing mostly to make life easier for people running two classes. The main changes made are:

    – switched Mini A and Mini B
    – moved Michael Winter & Steve Madziara from Tenth Open A to B, and Damien Betts/Lee Harvey the other way
    – Moved Rodney Houghton from SC C to SC B and Chris Madziara the other way

    There are still a few who will Race/Marshall/Race/Marshall in four consecutive races. There’s not much I can do to avoid that. A reminder that marshalling, or organising a suitable substitute is the racer’s responsibility.

  4. ian scott says:

    scott did you fix my transpoder number in the mini it should be 8792925 i did email you

  5. dezzar12 says:

    hi Scott is it still ok to use ur orange blitz for race day,thanks Adam.

    • scottg says:

      Hi Adam,

      Sorry mate, must have forgotten we talked about that! The car is not being used by anybody else so I’ll bring it tomorrow night. It’s had no preparation so might need a bit of a look over from you.

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