Tiger Models Launceston Cup Update

With a little over a week to go, we’re in hyperdrive at Launceston R/C getting ready for what has become not only the biggest event in our club’s short history, but the biggest R/C race in Tasmanian in years!

Entries are still trickling in and tonight we hit 90 cars. Yes, 90.

There’s lots of information that will help you get the most out of the event, so click through for all the latest updates and a full run-down on the event format. It’s big and detailed, but please read it all.

Track Preparation

The track build starts this Saturday, 12pm. Get there if you can help out. It’s a whole new layout for both on and off-road, and we think it’s our best yet for both classes. New obstacles for off-road to really test your skills – including what we know is a first for Tasmania, and only seen once before in Australia. It’ll be cool!

Event Raffle

We’re delighted by the support of our associate sponsors Proline, Venom, Ace Hobby Distributors and Action R/C bringing a long list of great prizes for our event raffle. Tickets will be on sale over Friday night and Saturday, with prizes drawn Saturday afternoon at the presentation.  All the prizes will be on display Saturday, and we’ll post a full list next week.

Interclub Challenge

The Tiger Models Launceston Cup will form the first of what we hope to be a four-round interclub series over the rest of 2012, with events held at GOMCC, NWRCCC and STMCC clubs.  All four clubs are different, and run different classes, and have different membership levels.  The interclub points format takes these differences into account and has been worked out between the four clubs. It is as follows:

  • Each class with entrants from more than one club will be scored on a 10/8/6/5/4/3/2/1 basis for 1st through 8th positions
  • Each club’s TOP 8 drivers best result will count for the interclub series. If a club has less than 8 drivers present then multiple class results from their drivers may count.  All other scores after the top 8 are counted will be discarded
  • Drivers must be a member of their nominated club to be able to score points.  Drivers who hold more than one membership must nominate their point-scoring club prior to racing commencing (we’ve recorded clubs on the entry list – please let us know if we have it wrong!)
  • Points will be totalled at the end of the day to provide the Interclub Points.
  • The same format will apply to all Interclub events with total points scored over the four events determining the 2012 Tasmanian R/C Club Champion and a perpetual shield awarded

Friday Practice

Friday practice is going to be busy with so many cars. It will be strictly controlled with the system in place as follows:

  • Controlled by class (so you’re only on the track with cars of the same class) in race-day order
  • Strictly 5 minute practice session, then the driver’s stand is cleared for the next group
  • You leave car and radio in scrutineering area and go immediately to marshall after you practice. There are no exceptions and if necessary we will apply penalties against saturday races if people fail to marshall
  • For classes with more than 10 cars (2wd SC Truck, Mini, Tenth Open) we will run multiple sessions each round to make sure everyone gets a practice.
  • We will run timing with announced results and printouts if possible
  • We’ll have doors open by 5. There may be a short period of open/uncontrolled practice before controls start
  • Race & practice order will be: Tourer, Junior, Mini, 2wd Stock, Open SC, 8th, Open 10th, 2wd SC
  • We reserve the right to vary the practice arrangements depending on numbers present Friday night
  • During Friday night you can check your race details for Saturday and pay entry fees at race control
  • Car parking will be at a premium both Friday night and Saturday. There is no car parking in front of the main entry doors. You can unload there and then move cars away. Some may have to park out the front. There is no car parking in the side entry. We re hoping to put at least some flood-lighting into the car-park area for Friday night

Race Day Format

We are looking forward to a fantastic day’s racing.  There will be plenty of time to enjoy the day in between races, but as you will apreciate, with 90 cars, 12 heats per round we have to run a very tight ship to get through the day.  Your cooperation will be essential. To help you understand how the day will run, here’s the basics:

  • Doors open by 7.30am for pit area setup, and check-in (pay entry fees, check frequency/transponder details)
  • We will provide some direction for pit-area setup and ask you to setup in the designated (roped-off) areas. You should bring a power board and short lead, and expect to share power.  We do not have sufficient power to run 90 heaters, so dress warm (and please leave heaters at home) as it can be very cold in the shed.
  • There has been advertising about this event and we anticipate spectators being present.  Your friendly welcome of spectators, and explanation of what’s happening will help to promote the sport.
  • We’ll be running constant commentary to keep you, and spectators informed.
  • Food and drinks will be available from the cafe. You may of course bring your own food and drink from home. You may not under any circumstances bring alcohol from home.  You may also not consume alcohol in the pit areas or during the event.  There will no doubt be a crew retiring to the bar to tell ‘what-if’ stories at the conclusion of racing Saturday. We will not have time for a lunch-break so please make your lunch arrangements in accordance with your race schedule.
  • There may be a short practice session from 8am  – we may choose to lmit times on track, operate controls, and even to limit this to drivers who could not practice Friday night.  There may also be no practice if we are not ready, so please do not count on this session
  • Driver’s briefing and “Best Presented” competition 8.30am
  • We will start racing at 9am sharp at the latest. Earlier if we are ready
  • Race order will be Tourer, Junior, Mini, 2wd Stock, Open SC, 8th, Open 10th, 2wd SC
  • There will be three rounds of qualifying, your single best race result to count.
  • Qualifying will be by staggered start. When you are called you go, with the computer timing you individually and seperate from other cars. Qualifying is not a race. If a car catches you from behind, you are obliged to let that car by.  Qualifying sessions will start from behind the timing loop.
  • Qualifying heats will be roughly seeded according to competitor ability. This is to try and provide the cleanest races for everybody by limiting the amount of lapping. This benefits everybody.
  • There will be three A finals in all classes, and two lower finals for classes with more than 10 cars. A finals will be decided on a best two of three basis, with qualifying used as the tie breaker in the event of tied points.  Lower finals will both count, again with qualifying used as a tie breaker. Points are awarded as 1st=10, 2nd=9, 3rd=8 and so-on.
  • We will be pushing through the races very fast in order to finish at a decent time.  When you finish your race, you will turn off your car, leave your car and radio in the scrutineering area and go immediately to marshall (do not return to your pit). If you are not in place ready when we start the race you will lose your best result from qualifying (if it’s during qualifying) or your best final result (if it’s during finals). There are no exceptions.
  • When you put your car down to race, you may do one (only one) warm-up lap and then assemble in the designated start area. We will start the race no later than 2 minutes after the conclusion of the previous race, whether drivers are ready or not, and sooner if possible
  • Cars in all classes will be randomly scrutineered to check batteries, motors, tyres (in 2wd SC) and other regulations. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with event regulations, and particularly if you are in a class with strict controls on motors/esc/tyres (2wd SC Truck, 2wd Buggy, Mini, Tourers, Junior Off-road). Cars found to not comply will lose that race result
  • We will run a stop-go penalty area for racing infringements. If you are called by race control you must bring your car to a complete stop in the Penalty Box before going again. Stop-go penalties may be called for hacking, rough or careless driving, endangering marshalls, abuse of other racers, marshalls or officials, deliberate or reckless corner-cutting. Repeated infringements will result in you being removed first from the race, and eventually from the event.
  • If you have an issue that you want resolved, please advise race-control. Do not take matters into your own hands.  Race director is Scott Guyatt.  Race director’s decision is final.
  • Please be on your best behaviour. There will be families present, and members of the puiblic. This is a day to showcase the best R/C racing has to offer, at the biggest R/C event in Tasmania in recent years.  We will do everything we can to put on a great day’s racing for you.
  • If we get away on time and the day runs smoothly, we anticipate the last race finishing at approximately 5.30 with presentation and raffle draw to follow immediately.
  • Please stay to help cleanup after racing if you are able (particularly Launceston R/C members)

That’s a lot of information, and that’s because the response to this event has been massive, far bigger than we imagined.  It’s going to be an awesome event and we’re very excited to bring it to you.

Huge thanks to Tiger Models, our major event sponsor. If you need R/C gear in Tassie, get in and see D’Wayne and the team at Tiger. Flash your Launceston R/C membership for a racers discount.

Please leave any questions in the comments area below.

And one last thing…………GET EXCITED!


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    Story updated with Interclub Championship format and details…

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    I’m excited and I’m sad not to be coming. Can’t wait to read the after party stories

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      Always next year dude!!!! should be even BIGGER!!!!!!!!!

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