Race Report: Thursday June 14

A massive, and exciting 59 car field was the highlight of a great night of racing as the Autumn 2012 Championship Season drew to a close and preparations ramped up for the 2012 Tiger Models Launceston Cup (now just two weeks away).

Full results are online here.

And full results from last race meeting (May 24th) are online here.

We’ll have Autumn 2012 season results online soon and will make the presentation at the beginning of our next Spring season.


A fabulous 13 cars faced the starter, with Ben Goode continuing his winning ways after fighting off early leader Chloe Beresford and Chris West an excellent 3rd ahead of Sam Bettz.  In the earlier B final Danny Tatnell saw off Andrew West with young Daniel Sheehan wearing the biggest grin in 3rd position.

Novice A:

  1. Ben Goode
  2. Chloe Beresford
  3. Chris West
  4. Sam Bettz
  5. Arron Meyman
  6. Michael Taylor
  7. Kade Targett

Novice B:

  1. Danny Tatnell
  2. Andrew West
  3. Daniel Sheehan
  4. Kris Jones
  5. Carl Taylor
  6. Jacob Cox (DNS)

Short Course Truck

Huge 20 trucks tonight made for some serious action. Thanks to Paddy Hume for stepping aside from racing so we didn’t have to split into three heats!  Scott Guyatt took the TQ spot in a tight fight with Mark Rayner but got the best of the final to run out the winner ahead of Rayner, Rocket Houghton and a rapidly improving Chris Murray.

Adam Beresford dominated the B final after just missing the A, pushing his Traxxas Slash to a seriously quick race time, Calvin James a strong second and Derek Beresford third after a strong start.

SC Truck A:

  1. Scott Guyatt
  2. Mark Rayner
  3. Rodney Houghton
  4. Chris Murray
  5. Justin Strickland
  6. Andrew Green
  7. Andrew Mackenzie
  8. Richard Green
  9. Chris Madziara
  10. Brett Bayliss

SC Truck B:

  1. Adam Beresford
  2. Calvin James
  3. Derek Beresford
  4. Leo Lorenzen
  5. Shaun Whatley
  6. Jade Chandler
  7. Tom West
  8. James Atkinson
  9. Graham Viney
  10. Ian Scott

10th Buggy:

A full field of 10 and plenty of great racing. Paddy Hume made the most of his 4wd advantage to top qualify and get away with a good A final win over fellow 4wd pilot Damien Betts. Jarrod Painting was the quickest of the 2wd buggies in third from Andrew Mackenzie and Alex John (also 2wd).

  1. Paddy Hume (4wd)
  2. Damien Betts (4wd)
  3. Jarrod Painting (2wd)
  4. Andrew Mackenzie (2wd)
  5. Alex John (2wd)
  6. Jade Chandler (2wd)
  7. Darren Sheehan (4wd)
  8. Leo Lorenzen (2wd)
  9. Calvin James (2wd)
  10. Matthew Chandler (2wd)

8th Buggy

The mighty monster RC8Te truggy of Chris Murray was spectacular, but Steve Madziara was too fast out front to TQ and take a comfortable win, Ben Wilson a consistently quick second and Darren Sheehan a strong third in the final.

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Ben Wilson
  3. Darren Sheehan
  4. Troy Taylor
  5. John Silczak
  6. Chris Murray

Mini & Tourer

Another full field of Mini and Tourer tonight. Rocket was quickest of the tourers to take the win over Gene Newell, with Chris Madziara in third and taking to the mighty minis like a duck to water. Matthew Chandler and Graham Viney were next also running Mini. We look forward to seeing these two classes running seperately at the Launceston Cup next fortnight.

  1. Rocket Houghton (Tourer)
  2. Gene Newell (Tourer)
  3. Chris Madziara (Mini)
  4. Matthew Chandler (Mini)
  5. Graham Viney (Mini)
  6. James Atkinson (Tourer)
  7. Tom West (Mini)
  8. Ian Scott (Mini)
  9. Kellie Viney (Tourer)
  10. Brett Bayliss (Tourer)

Massive night, thanks to all who came, raced or watched. Apologies for the sound gear fail at the start of the night. We’re working on it and will have it fixed in time for the Launceston Cup. Any sound-techs out there…..let us know if you can help!

See you in two weeks for the Launceston Cup. Practice Friday 29th, race day Saturday 30th.


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11 Responses to Race Report: Thursday June 14

  1. Chris murray says:

    Good night had all round !

  2. Rocket says:

    Was an awesome race meeting and a awesome series with close racing right through and going right to the wire in the last round 🙂 looking forwrd to getting into the next series 🙂
    Congrats to Greenie hanging on to take the overall win 🙂

  3. scottg says:

    Official points aren’t available yet, I think the guys are making their own calculations. Season points tables should hopefully be uploaded over the weekend.

  4. Had a average night out in the Blitz but ive got a geared diff on the way so it should be right for the Launceston Cup??
    Tourer had a electrical gitch during the first heat forgot to change the wire harness from the reciever to the esc and lucky that i had the Slash out last night so i could solve the problem ready for Q2 and came 5th was a bit suprised for the results to do that well and came 6th for the tourers in the end!

  5. ian scott says:

    my night was so so the new blitz ese didnt have much stearing in the first heat and thanks rocket and graham for fixing that in the final pinion came loose in the first lap and DNF
    The the mini 1st and 2nd heat was good the final had steering trouble so i pulled out DNF
    Looking forward to the cup

  6. dezzar12 says:

    could someone give me the phone number to m-chassis.com thanks.

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