Practice this Thursday

Confirming that as a fifth Thursday, Launceston R/C will be open for practice this Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm.

Practice will probably be untimed, but may be controlled by class if it is busy. Definitely we’ll offer some touring/mini time slots.

Cost is $5, please see Greenie when you arrive to pay.

All welcome.


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Scott Guyatt is husband, father, brother, son, friend, disciple, runner, cyclist and story-teller
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7 Responses to Practice this Thursday

  1. Greenie says:

    bring your jackets, and bring your gloves!!!! its getting cold!!!!
    dont forget to hit up the cafe out there for all your coffee needs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll open the doors by 5.30 so you can set up, but the track will not be open till 6.
    I’m off to buy some thermal underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ian says:

    Will be there with the mini and losi 8ight for a run

  3. I have to work early this thursday night! So i’ll see you whenever!

  4. Rocket says:

    Will have to give this one a miss , work commitments this Thursday night

  5. dezzar12 says:

    Mini power!

  6. Leo says:

    I’ll be there, need the practice.

  7. dezzar12 says:

    thanks Greenie for running the practice night,it was good to get plenty of drive time on the track ..

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