Race Report: Thursday 26 April 2012

Jarrod Painting took two wins (8th Buggy and 10th Buggy), joining Rocket Houghton who also doubled up (Tourers and Short Course truck) while Chloe Beresford took her second win in the last two club race meetings (Novice) to cap off an exciting night of racing.

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Tenth Buggy

Paddy Hume dominated qualifying with two flawless wins to take pole position ahead of Sam Wells, but the final was nowhere near as straightforward.  Paddy opened up fast, with Wells close by, Jarrod Painting and Damien Betts not far away. It was looking like a serious four way battle before first Wells, and then Hume succumbed to mechanical challenges leaving Damien and Jarrod to go at it. And go at it they did, swapping the lead regularly through the back half of the race, but Jarrod held the point position when it counted, Betts in two and Hume recoving to three in front of Matthew Chandler (an excellent drive) and Calvin James (likewise).

  1. Jarrod Painting
  2. Damien betts
  3. Paddy Hume
  4. Matthew Chandler
  5. Calvin James
  6. Tom West
  7. Darren Sheehan
  8. James Atkinson
  9. Sam Wells

Short Course

14 trucks meant for an 8 truck final, and it was Andrew Mackenzie that headed the A final rush with Rocket, Greenie and Adam Beresford close by.  Chris Murray, Calvin James, Shaun Whatley and Richard Green took the other A final spots.

Leo Lorenzen nailed the start and left his rivals scrabbling in the B final. In a messy opening couple of laps the pursuing bunch spotted Leo 12 seconds and he never looked back, driving to a dominant and deserved win. Derek Beresford eventually settled into his run to finish second, Tom West third in a strung out field.

  1. Leo Lorenzen
  2. Derek Beresford
  3. Tom West
  4. Gene Newell
  5. Ian Scott
  6. Philip Ferguson

Just as in the B final, Rocket took a flyer and left the field for dead.  TQ man Andrew Mackenzie and last-start winner Andrew Green were in deep trouble at the rear of the field.  They recovered quickly while Rocket blazed away out front and Adam Beresford also started strongly. Beresford, Green and Mackenzie were tight through the mid-part of the race before Adam stretched away in a determined but ultimately fruitless pursuit of Rocket. It was a pretty untidy race for many, the front two aside and the order in the mid-field switched around right to the final hooter.

  1. Rocket Houghton
  2. Adam Beresford
  3. Andrew Green
  4. Chris Murray
  5. Shaun Whatley
  6. Andrew Mackenzie
  7. Richard Green
  8. Calvin James

8th Big Bangers

A small field tonight, dominated by Jarrod Painting, and with some close and entertaining racing between Leo Lorenzen and Darren Sheehan for the minor placings.  When the dust settled Sheehan held second behind Jarrod in what is perhaps Darren’s best result yet since his return to the sport.

  1. Jarrod Painting
  2. Leo Lorenzen
  3. Darren Sheehan
  4. James Atkinson


Ben Goode led a healthy 8-driver field right through qualifying to start favourite for the final.  He opened up a big lead early and looked like he’d go all the way before a disconnected motor wire cruelled his chances. Chloe Beresford had been waiting in the wings, already putting together a strong drive and took control, going on to an excellent win (making two in a row). Danny Tatnell, Sam Betts, Andrew West and Michael Taylor all had opportunities to run at the front in what was a tight and entertaning final.

  1. Chloe Beresford
  2. Danny Tatnell
  3. Sam Betts
  4. Andrew West
  5. Kris Jones
  6. Ben Goode
  7. Michael Taylor
  8. Carl Taylor


A full 10 car field meant for some crazy times, and we’re definitely at a point where we’re going to have to find a way to split the mini and tourer fields if current numbers continue.  Rocket was fastest right through the night to TQ and run out a comfortable winner in the 10 minute final. Andrew Mackenzie was quickest of the minis in second, Damien Betts third with Graham Viney and Matthew Chandler (who continues to improve) all quick in the little front-drive machines. One note, that occasional visitor Jordan Richardson put together his best drives yet and enjoyed his new ride a lot. Well done Jordan.

  1. Rocket Houghton
  2. Andrew Mackenzie (Mini)
  3. Damien Betts (Mini)
  4. Graham Viney (Mini)
  5. Matthew Chandler (Mini)
  6. Gene Newell
  7. Derek Beresford
  8. Peter Hutton (Mini)
  9. Ian Scott
  10. Jordan Richardson (DNS)

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  1. Did anyone find a gear cover’s cap for a B4 Buggy? Ive lost mine during my 10th Buggy Final!!

    Had a average night at the Office but i still had a fun during the night!! Im coming 7th for my opening points series for my 10th Buggy and ive got some new items for my other classes!

    See ya’ll next round James

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