2012 Autumn Points Update

We’re now 6 events into our 9-round Autumn 2012 points championship.

The end results will be based on each driver’s best 7 resuults from the 9 rounds.

Here’s the updated points after Round 6, ordered counting each driver’s top 5 scores.

LRC Autumn 2012 Points After Round 6


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7 Responses to 2012 Autumn Points Update

  1. dezzar12 says:

    thanks Ian for staying awake!lol.

  2. Rocket says:

    SC is going down to the wire 🙂 looking forward to battling it out with Greenie and Andrew 🙂

    • Greenie says:

      SHOOT!!!! man that is close!!!!
      and Macca’s been on fire of late too!!! Gonna come down to the wire for sure!!!!!

  3. Philip Ferguson says:

    Looking forward to the next race meeting.

  4. I am surprised how high I am. Some reward for keeping at it!

  5. Chris murray says:

    Wow I’m 4th that’s bloody sweet haha can’t wait for Thursday 🙂

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