Race Report: Thursday 22nd March

The mining trucks are gone! After three race meetings sharing the shed with a heap of mining trucks it was fantastic to arrive tonight and discover things back to normal. And with 47 cars greeting the starter it was a cracker night.

Hit the full results here, or read on for a quick wrap-up of the night’s activities.

Tenth Buggy

It’s getting nice and competitive in 10th Buggy and qualifying showed that, with a good fight between Sam Wells, Paddy Hume, Damien Betts and Jarrod Painting. Those four also fought out the final with each taking a turn up front before Betts and Wells succumbed to mechanical issues leaving Painting to eke out a small lead over Paddy, and Damien recovered to third. Good race-long battle for fourth/fifth between Calvin James & Matthew Chandler – both sporting newish AE B4 buggies.

  1. Jarrod Painting
  2. Paddy Hume
  3. Damien Betts
  4. Calvin James
  5. Matthew Chandler
  6. Darren Sheehan
  7. Sam Wells
  8. James Atkinson

8th Big Bangers

Jarrod Painting took two straight qualifying wins over Steve Madziara to mark his continued development as a driver. Steve got to the lead on lap one in the final and steadily edged away throughout to continue his finals domination, Jarrod second and first-time visitor (and regular NWRCC 8th off-road racer) Leo Lorenzen doing a nice job for third.

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Jarrod Painting
  3. Leo Lorenzen
  4. Darren Sheehan
  5. Troy Taylor


Michael Taylor rode a strong second qualifier to the #1 starting spot for the 10 minute final, but Ben Goode made it two wins from two starts with a dominant performance over the length of the race. Sam Betts is a young fella whose driving is coming ahead in leaps and bounds and he was a deserved second, holding the position all the way while Michael Taylor and Chloe Beresford battled over the final podium spot. Welcome to first-time racer Danny Tatnell tonight!

  1. Ben Goode
  2. Sam Betts
  3. Michael Taylor
  4. Chloe Beresford
  5. Kade Targett
  6. Carl Taylor
  7. Danny Tatnell
  8. Kris Jones


The Minis are coming!  Five of the eight starts in our regular TC class tonight were driving Minis. Rocket made the most of his chassis, grip and speed edge to TQ and win comfortably, with Andrew Mackenzie the best of the rest and highest placed Mini. Graham Viney won out in a very tight mid-field battle, grabbing third on the final lap from a stricken Peter Hutton.

  1. Rocket Houghton
  2. Andrew Mackenzie
  3. Graham Viney
  4. Peter Hutton
  5. Damien Betts
  6. Matthew Chandler
  7. Ian Scott
  8. Jade Chandler
  9. Derek Beresford (DNS)

Short Course Truck

17 trucks made for a typically mad qualifying session, with the top 10 going through to the A final.

James Atkinson was speedy all night and led the final for nearly seven minutes before Calvin James swept past and drive an excellent last three minutes to take the B final win from Atkinson while Derek Beresford likewise struck late, passing Gene Newell.

  1. Calvin James
  2. James Atkinson
  3. Derek Beresford
  4. Gene Newell
  5. Leo Lorenzen
  6. Ian Scott
  7. Philip Ferguson

Andrew Mackenzie took the lead on lap one of the A final before crashing to the tail of the field as Chris Madziara took over up front. Scott Guyatt got to the lead on lap 3 and checked out, Andrew Green following him through a couple laps later. Richard Green fought back to second mid race, with Madziara still close and Mackenzie recovering.  Greenie (Andrew) settled in and moved away, Richard snapped his truck in half in a nasty accident, Mackenzie completed his drive back through the field to third, Madziara a close-up fourth.

  1. Scott Guyatt
  2. Andrew Green
  3. Andrew Mackenzie
  4. Chris Madziara
  5. Rocket Houghton
  6. Josh Fogarty
  7. Shaun Whatley
  8. Jade Chandler
  9. Richard Green
  10. Chris Murray

Next week is open practice from 6-9pm at cost of $5 per person.  There will be lots more club news on the website this week, so check back regularly.

We’ll also be uploading up-to-date Season points in the next couple of days, plus final points from the Spring 2011 Championship Season for which awards were presented tonight.


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2 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 22nd March

  1. Rocket says:

    Great nights racing guys 🙂 Was great watching the Short Course B main and Calvin James take a very impressive win. The B main guys raced hard and clean throughout the final, something a few of the A main class drivers could take note of (did i say that oiut loud 😉 😀
    Looking forward to the next round 🙂 might have to roll out the new SC10 for its debut next week 🙂

  2. Had a good night out with the Blitz for coming second and almost a good win and Well Done to Calvin who beat me to the finish line taking the win!

    See you all next week!

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