Launceston R/C Dominates Tassie Champs!

The team from Launceston R/C went to Hobart, and conquered the 2012 Tasmanian EP On Road Championships.  Three of the four championship titles on offer came back north, with Andrew Mackenzie doing a phenomenal job to conquer the Stock Touring field, while Scott Guyatt picked up Super Sport and Mini. The other Championship win in the entry level Pro Tourer category went to Victoria’s Aaron van Berkel.

Andrew Mackenzie, en route to the 2012 Tasmanian Championship

Apart from the wins, the Launnie crew were a force in each of the classes in which they were represented.

Andrew Mackenzie was joined in the Stock Touring final by Rocket Houghton while Ian Scott, Jade Chandler, Gene Newell and Derek Beresford battled it out in the B final.

  1. Andrew Mackenzie (Tas/Launceston R/C)
  2. Hani Abbas (Vic)
  3. Trevor Waye (Vic)

Over in Mini, Launceston’s Andrew Mackenzie and Damien Betts made the A final along with Guyatt, while Ian Scott, Matthew Chandler and Graham Viney were well in the mix and put on some great racing in the B final.

  1. Scott Guyatt (Tas/Launceston R/C)
  2. Brad Portelli (Vic)
  3. Ben Hoare (Tas/STMCC)

Sam Wells was unlucky not to be on the Super Sport podium, a broken driveshaft late in the last final taking him out of contention – but a fourth place finish in the fastest class some consolation. Rocket qualified 5th and fought out some tight finals to also uphold LRC’s honour!

  1. Scott Guyatt (Tas/Launceston R/C)
  2. Ben Hoare (Tas/STMCC)
  3. Lee Harvey (Tas/STMCC)

Over on the mainland, Launnie R/C regulars Mark Rayner and Justin Strickland did a fantastic job at the Australian nitro Buggy Champs this weekend – Rayner finishing in the 1/4 finals, Strickland the 1/8th finals.  Tassie fast guy Tim Parsons was on fire, bumping from the 1/4 to the Semi, and eventually all the way to the Championship final – finishing 11th against the best in the land (and some of the best in the world!). Well done guys!


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8 Responses to Launceston R/C Dominates Tassie Champs!

  1. Chris murray says:

    Launnie RC is on the pace! Good job fella’s

  2. James says:

    Congrats guys!

  3. Rocket says:

    Awesome Race meet , very well ran by the STMCC crew, and the track was up there with the best in the country with out a doubt. The racing was close all weekend in all classes. Congrats to the well deserving winners on a top job 🙂

    My race meet didnt quite go to plan(not that I had a plan 😉 ) , but that’s racing , take the good with the bad 😉
    Was circulating all day Friday around 1/2 second off the pace of the fast guys, had a few minor breakages along the way to over come, loosing track time(driving was a bit rusty). Got both cars faster over the course of the weekend , but too little too late to make a big impact on the front runners. I have to admit I was struggling to get my head around the new speedies and motors that are being used now, and how to get speed and consistency out of them.
    This was my first race meet using the new breed of systems, and it was a steep learning curve. Spent a lot of time playing with gearing and programming , and didnt play with car settings at all the entire weekend.(which really showed) The cars in kit settings just were not quite sharp enough.
    Valuable lesson learnt , “more track time required before a big race meet to get things sorted out” 🙂 Gone are the days were you can just rock up to a big meeting and be on the pace and competitive with next to no preparation time 😀

    But overall I’m pretty happy with the end result of what was a top weekend with an awesome group of guys and girls 🙂 what better way to spend a long weekend In Tasmania(apart from out in my boat or on the golf course 😉 )

  4. ian says:

    Had a good weekend at the titles.congratulIons to Andrew and Scott taking out there classes. .my weekend didn’t start to good with tourer losing batteries and capasitors and the mini didn’t like corners barrel rolling. Dinner. time it was set up propperly and rest of the weekend it was good

  5. Derek says:

    Gees that was a great buzz,what a great track,cant wait till next year!i reckon i will go down in two weeks for their club day,cool!

  6. Lee Harvey says:

    Glad you all had a good time, well done to the victors, would be happy to host the Launnie guys anytime

  7. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    There have been two Tassie titles over the last month. It is an absolute credit to the hosting Tassie clubs NWRCCC and STMCC that each event was so well run, with excellent tracks producing some great, competitive racing yet maintaining a fun, relaxed atmosphere (my nerves still ran rampant while racing tho) 🙂
    What a fantastic weekend. Congrats to all racers. There was some great racing in all classes.. It was good to see so many racers improving as the weekend progressed. Much appreciated tips and advice were gained from more experienced racers.
    The track was awesome combining some challenging and high speed sections. Looking forward to next years event and getting down during the year for a regular run.
    Congrats to the north west nitro boys, great job at such a massive event.

  8. dezzar12 says:

    Hi Scott,is there any photos we can see?

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