Race report from Thursday the 23rd of February

Our usual correspondent Scott wasn’t at racing this week, so I thought I would try my hand at the race report! As I left my notes at the track it isn’t as good as usual, but better than no results!

As with the previous race meet, the Launceston RC track still had it’s special visitors in the form of trucks and 4wd’s from a seismic testing company form Queensland, however the racing must go on, so we did as best we could.  If anything track conditions were a little dustier than usual, however the track did clear through the evenings racing. Read on for the full story…

Short Course A
The battle for a position in the A final this week was hard fought with only one of the top 7 drivers completing 10 laps in the qualifying races, although Rocket was unlucky not to make 11 laps with a crash on the 2nd last corner on the last lap of the second qualifier.  In the Final Rocket came back from a horror start to finally take the lead on the 12th lap where he stayed put and opened p what became a 1 lap lead.  Further back Greenie and Josh Fogarty fought it out for the remainder of the podium places with only 2.5 seconds separating them at the end of the race.

  1. Rodney Houghton
  2. Andrew Green
  3. Josh Fogarty
  4. Adam Beresford
  5. Richard Green
  6. Jade Chandler
  7. Andrew MacKenzie

Short Course B
Unfortunately I was marshaling this race, so I didn’t pay enough attention to give any sort of meaningful report.

  1. Chris Murray
  2. Calvin James
  3. Mark Jones
  4. Derek Beresford
  5. Philip Ferguson
  6. Ian Scott

The novice race was a hard fought battle between Ben Jordan and Sam Betttz most of the race with a number of lead changes until Ben finally took the lead and ran off to a one lap win.

  1. Ben Jordan
  2. Sam Bettz
  3. Kade Targett
  4. Kris Jones

The tourers class was also a mixed class tonight with 4 minis taking to the track to chase down the 4wd touring cars. Unfortunately the final was marred by Three DNF’s but otherwise the night saw asome excellent close racing.

  1. Andrew MacKenzie
  2. Rodney Houghton
  3. Graham Viney
  4. Damien Betts
  5. Gene Newell
  6. Matthew Chandler
  7. Ian Scott
  8. Derek Beresford

Tenth Buggy
10th buggy was a mixed affair this week with an even mix of 2wd and 4wd buggies, plus Sam Wells’ Associated T4 Stadium truck making a spectacular sight sliding around the track in a fantastic display of vehicle control. However at the front of the pack during the final it was Damien Betts, Patrick Hume and Jarrod Painting fighting it out for the win. 

  1. Damien Betts
  2. Patrick Hume
  3. Jarrod Painting
  4. Sam Wells
  5. Calvin James
  6. Jade Chandler
  7. Matthew Chandler
  8. James Atkinson
  9. Darren Sheehan

8th Big Bangers
I left before the 8th scale race, so again, I can’t comment on the final, only post the results.

  1. Steve Madziara
  2. Jarrod Painting
  3. Ben Wilson
  4. James Atkinson
  5. Darren Sheehan

Richard Green

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