2012 Tas EP On-Road Champs Countdown

It’s now just two weeks until the 2012 Tasmanian Championships for electric on-road classes.  The event takes place at the Goodwood track of the Southern Tas Model Car Club.


While the entry list is yet to be finalised, there are a heap of Launceston R/C members heading for the event, and with high hopes of doing well.

Tomorrow (Sunday) marks the last club event giving racers a chance to practice for the event. We’ll keep an eye on how the results unfold tomorrow and make a few predictions for the event itself. There are definitely a few Launnie guys headed for Hobart tomorrow for one last run.

Good luck to all (but particularly the Launnie R/C crew!) tommorrow and at the Champs event itself.

It’s not too late to enter – head over to STMCC for all the details and entry forms (you must pre-enter for this race meeting).


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5 Responses to 2012 Tas EP On-Road Champs Countdown

  1. scottg says:

    On a personal note, I’m looking forward to my first Touring Car race in nearly a year tomorrow. it’s been too long!
    If anybody is wanting tyres for the Tas Champs, please contact me on 0407783243. I have Sorex premounts in 28/32/36 compound available.

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    due to some health issues i wont be attending tomorrow but good luck to the Team Schumacher drivers. may u be triumphant. Hpefully see u all next meeting at Rutherglen.

  3. scottg says:

    Good day today for the Launnie crew. Lots of regular northern racers particularly in the mini class, and 17.5/21.5 class. I had to leave before the final results were known, but plenty of good times and good practice being had.

    Later this week I’ll post a new “School of R/C” story on preparing for a major race meeting. Lots of hints and tips on getting ready for a State EP On-Road Championship event.

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