Racing this week: Thursday 23rd Feb

R/C Motorsport returns this week for round two of the Autumn 2012 Championship season for Launceston R/C.

Doors will open at Rutherglen by 6pm, nominations close at 6.45 with racing underway by 7pm.

As usual we’ll have classes for electric powered on and off-road cars, with Short Course, 10th Buggy, 8th Buggy and Tourers joined by our normal 10th offroad Novice class.

With the Tasmanian Championship for 10th Touring Cars and Mini just a few weeks away, we can expect some serious practice going on in the Tourer class.

Whether its your first time with us, or your 101st, come and join the fun.


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4 Responses to Racing this week: Thursday 23rd Feb

  1. James says:

    I will be back with my B4, & Im weighing up between the Blitz or Tourer for a 2nd car to take out??

    Blitz has got a new diff thrust bolt on order & I was thinking about my tourer this morning while i was at work and ive fixed the rear diff problem that i had last year at a practise round & the Scottsdale Show! See Ya Thursday Night!

    • James says:

      Tourer is still playing up and i think its the similar problem to the Blitz, Speaking about the blitz if i get my parts in time from tiger hobbies i’ll be out with it if not i’ll try to get a new thrust bolt for the tourer! Still 50/50 for the 2nd Car; Vorza is on a R/c Holiday and the Slash is out due to a rear A-arm breakage! See Ya James

      • James says:

        Looks like its an all buggy (8th and 10th) night for me! I might bring out the Vorza to Practise my throttle finger!

        Blitz and tourer is playing up! Can someone give me a hand to solve my problem with my Blitz if i’ll bring it out thursday night? Thanks James

      • James says:

        Igore the last post about my blitz and i might just re-build the transmission section of it to get it going again!

        See ya’ll tommorow! James

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