National Rules Vote (GP Offroad)

As a member club of the national association, we from time to time have the opportunity to vote on rule changes.  These rules relate only to sanctioned state or national championships – not to club racing.

We’ve received a proposal to which we have to respond by Wed 29th. Your input is welcome.

The proposal relates to the nitro offroad sector of the sport (which also includes 8th EP Buggy) and specifically to changing the number of cars in the A final at National Championships from 12 to 15, and includes a small change to the way in which those 15 advance from semi finals (top 6 from each of two semi finals, plus next 3 fastest).

We have three options:

  1. Vote Yes to support the change
  2. Vote No to oppose the change
  3. Choose not to vote.

Making this change will align national championship finals numbers with those of state championships, and give an extra three drivers the chance to battle for the overall win.

The downside is the need for tracks to cater for 15 drivers (but that’s already a requirement for tracks hosting 8th offroad state champs – so it’s just extending it to nationals).

The rule would go into immediate effect, including the 2012 GP Buggy Nats in March, and then the Truggy/EP Buggy nats in December.

The exec are inclined to vote Yes. Your input is welcome (as is your right to be uninterested!).




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