Weekly News & Points Update

Three bits of news this week….

Firstly, remember it’s the Christmas party this Sunday. Get the details here and come along for a fun time. Bring your family.

Secondly, AJ & Bec, Matt & Allannah, Jamie, Scott and David are heading for the Nats over the next couple of days.  Scott will tweet updates @scottyg_rc, blog at Action R/C and you can follow live at Slyfox. Qualifying starts Friday, main finals Sunday.

Thirdly, here’s the points update for the Spring 2011 points series:  LRCSpring2011afterfourrounds

This is with four rounds down, one to go.  Very close in Tenth Buggy, Novice and 8th Big Bangers (dead level!) and all to play for. Be there next week to see how it unfolds! If you spot any issues with the points, shoot me an email.


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6 Responses to Weekly News & Points Update

  1. James says:

    I also noticed its close at the Rear of the Field for 8th Scale so Bring It On!

  2. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Scott, there appears to be a bit of a mistake with SC on Nov 24. I have been given 17 points but didn’t run in SC that night.

    Best of luck to all in Melbourne, saw some pics of the track on RCTech, should be a great meet.
    Amiee and I are looking forward to the bbq on Sunday. Weather looking ok at this stage 🙂

    • scottg says:

      Thanks Andrew, those points should have gone to Andrew Green….and have now been fixed. The corrected points file is in the post above.

      Sorry Greenie….it was a super night for the legend as well, and I accidentally docked him points!

      All good now….

  3. derek beresford says:

    chlooes a member.

    • scottg says:

      Thanks Derek.

      I knew that, don’t know how I messed it up. My apologies to Chloe. I’ll fix the points sheet when I get back home next Monday.


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