Racing this week!

We’re back on the racetrack at Rutherglen this Thursday night (November 24th), with doors open by 6 and racing underway by 7pm.

After last fortnight’s competitive event, and the fun and games of the Scotsdale Show we’re looking forward to some more exciting racing at Rutherglen.

The usual classes for Novice, Short Course Truck, 10th Buggy, 8th Big Bangers and Tourers will feature.  This is round four of the five-round Spring 2011 Championship Series.

Whether you’re a regular, occasional visitor, or first-timer, you’re very welcome to come and race with us (or swing by for a look to check out the action).

Find us in the Sports Stadium behind the Tavern at Rutherglen Holiday Resort, Hadspen.

Regulars (members or not)….don’t forget the 2011 Christmas BBQ coming up Sunday 4th December. Hit this page for the details and please RSVP so we can get the food right!


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4 Responses to Racing this week!

  1. James says:

    Im continuing my good run in 8th Scale but not sure witch car to take out & the tourer will return since ive over-geared my last 13.5t motor & got no motor (13.5t) in any short course trucks!

  2. joshua fogarty says:

    will be back tomorrow night!! wont be missing another meet until april next year!!

  3. Alex says:

    Hey Scott I wont be there tonight. Cheers, Alex

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