Scottsdale Show Rocks!

The Scottsdale Show R/C demonstration was a heap of fun on Friday night and Saturday, with some good racing, and lots of spectators.  We’ll have results from the racing side of the event over the next few days.

For now though, a warm welcome to spectators who caught up with the exciting sport of R/C racing at the Show, and those who saw the story in today’s Launceston Examiner (nice photo Greenie!).

For first time visitors to the site after the Show demo, Launceston R/C is one of five active R/C motorsport clubs in Tasmania.

We race indoors at Rutherglen Resort on the second and fourth Thursday night of each month, with a range of classes for electric on-road and off-road vehicles. You’ll find a lot more information around this website about our club and it’s activities (including lots of results and race reports from our regular events).  Please come and visit us at Rutherglen and see what it’s all about.   Next club race meeting is Thursday 24th November, with racing underway by 7pm.

The North West R/C Car Club race on a purpose built outdoor off-road track (kind of like a slightly scaled down BMX track) in the grounds of Latrobe Speedway.  They’re racing the first and third Sunday each month.  The next club event at NWRCCC is Sunday 20th November

The Southern Tasmania Model Car Club race electric touring cars & minis at their Goodwood track in Hobart. They race fortnightly, with a race meeting today, and the next on Sunday 27th November.

The Goodwood Off-Road Model Car Club are also based at Goodwood, Hobart – but racing electric powered offroad buggies and trucks. They’re racing fortnightly, with next event on Sunday 20th November.

The fifth active club is the Hobart R/C Car Club, racing 8th, 10th and 5th scale fuel powered. HRCCC race every three weeks, next scheduled to race on Sunday 27th at their Kingston circuit.

R/C racing is an exciting family sport, with all the elements of full-sized motorsport in a scaled down environment. The speed thrills, technical challenges and competitive atmosphere are all present, with each of the five clubs striving to maintain a family friendly atmosphere.  Newcomers are welcome, with plenty of assistance on hand.

A great way to start out at Launceston R/C is with racing what we know as Short Course Trucks.  With brand/model names like HPI Blitz, Team Associated SC10, and Traxxas Slash, these are tough, affordable and easy to use vehicles that are ideally suited to novice and experienced racer alike. SC Trucks are our biggest regular class.  Your local hobby store can provide you with additional information on getting started. In Launceston we’re delighted to have the support of Tiger Models, and the guys there can help you figure out what you need to get going.

To find out more information, here’s a few links to key articles around this website – or simply go exploring. We hope you’ll come and visit at Rutherglen Resort (in the sports stadium behind the tavern) on one of our regular club nights.

  • About Us
  • The Classes we race (we also have a regular “Novice” class for new racers with any 10th scale off-road vehicle)
  • Getting Started – a few of our articles about getting into the sport – more to follow

Thanks for stopping by – we hope to meet you in person soon.


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5 Responses to Scottsdale Show Rocks!

  1. derek beresford says:

    Big thanks to Greenie,Ian and Rocketman!for there time in running such a fun event,had a great time.

  2. Rocket says:

    Was a great weekend , thanks to everyone for coming out and making it the success it was, and a big thanks to Ian Scott for oginising this years event.

    Due to a few computer glitches , we havent got the full allycat results, but here are the final placings, and i will post fastest race times for each class later

    2011 Scottsdale RC Challenge results

    Short Course Trucks
    1st – Rodney Houghton
    2nd – Andrew Green
    3rd – Andrew MacKenzie
    4th – Shaun Whatley
    5th – Ian Scott
    6th – Derek Beresford
    7th – James Atkinson
    8th Scott Guyatt (Friday night)
    9th David Guyatt (Friday night)

    17.5 Stock Tourer
    1st – Rodney Houghton
    2nd – Dylan Martin
    3rd – Ian Scott
    4th – Andrew MacKenzie
    5th – David Guyatt (Friday night)
    6th – Kelly Viney (Friday night)

    13.5 Super Stock Tourer
    1st – Ben Hoare
    2nd Lee Harvey
    3rd Sam Wells
    4th Rob Gillie

    1/10th Nitro Tourer
    1st – Craig Higgs
    2nd – Andrew Eberhardt
    3rd – Ian Scott
    4th – Lee Jenkins
    5th – Graham Viney

    1/10th Mini
    1st – Lee Harvey
    2nd – John Beggs
    3rd – Kim Dare
    4th – Graham Viney
    5th John Batich
    6th – Scott Kopriva

    1/8th Electric/Nitro combined (on and off road)
    1st – Rodney Houghton
    2nd – Craig Higgs
    3rd – Andrew MacKenzie
    4th – Graham Viney
    5th – Andrew Eberhardt
    6th -Gene Newell
    7th – Lee Jenkins
    8th – Andrew Barrett

    1/10th Short Course trucks 4×4
    1st – Ben Hoare
    2nd – Rob Gillie
    3rd – Kim Dare

    Novice mixed classes
    1st – Gene Newell
    2nd – Mark Jones
    3rd – Kris Jones

  3. ian says:

    What a scottsdale show .good numbers and weather was good.Congratulations to all that competed the weekend.Good quick race track thanks to rocket and greenie for doing it.
    Thanks to greenie for operating the computer and lee harvey for helping with the computer.
    Thanks to Kellie viney that never raced but helped out with the marshelling.

    I will hand it back to rocket for next year event.I did enjoy being part off organising it

    • Rocket says:

      Is far easier with more hands helping out .. next year I think we need to recruit a few helpers and make it an even bigger event .. gone are the days where something like that can be organised and ran single handed

  4. Rocket says:

    Fastest times for each class

    1/10th SC truck
    Andrew Green
    Final 5 – 17 laps – 5m 12.144s – ave 18.300 – best 17.538 – cons 0.61

    17.5 Stock Tourer
    Rodney Houghton
    Final 5 – 21 laps – 5m 8.8360s – ave 14.620 – best 14.238 – cons 0.28

    13.5 Super Stock
    Ben Hoare
    Final 5 – 20 laps – 5m 0.790s – ave 14.126 – best 13.685 – cons 0.27

    Nitro Tourer
    Craig Higgs
    Final 5 – 19 laps – 5m 9.962s – ave 15.295 – best 14.491 – cons 0.49

    Lee Harvey
    Final 4 – 17 laps – 5m 4.035s – ave 16.833 – best 16.147 – cons 0.39

    1/8th Electric/Nitro combined (on and off road)
    On road– Craig Higgs
    Final 3 – 21 laps – 5m 15.149s – ave 15.449 – best 14.544 – cons 0.63

    Off road – Andrew MacKenzie
    Final 4 – 19 laps – 5m 16.858s – ave 16.542 – best 15.992 – cons 0.74

    1/10th Short Course trucks 4×4
    Ben Hoare
    Final 4 – 17 laps – 5m 0.625s – ave 17.703 – best 15.125 – cons 2.45

    Novice combined classes
    Mark Jones
    Final 5 – 15 laps – 5m1.572s – ave 19.818 – best 18.851 – cons 1.43

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