Launceston RC Christmas BBQ

Come one, come all! You are cordially invited to the Launceston RC Christmas BBQ. Bring your cars, bring your families and make a great day of it. You can find the details below.

Christmas BBQ 2011 InvitationIf you are not sure where it is, follow this link which will show you where it is.   To RSVP email Richard or leave a comment in response to this thread.

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19 Responses to Launceston RC Christmas BBQ

  1. James says:

    I’ll be there for a go at the Jumping competition, Slash & Scorpion will be out for some Fun!

  2. froggy says:

    my lrp truggy is keen for the jumping comp 😉

  3. froggy says:

    come on guys of course it is josh 😉

  4. ian says:

    will be there richard

  5. I only have 5 RSVP’s to the Christmas BBQ so far. Yes, I know, I didn’t make it to racing last night, but I had a wake and funeral so it wasn’t happening!

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  7. derek beresford says:

    chloe and i r keen,is it true that Ian Scott is going to be santa!

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  9. James says:

    Ive got my cars ready to go & i need to change suspension set-ups on Buggy & Slash & charge batteries up plus ive got the night off too from work! See ya next weekend!

  10. Any more people coming??

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