More Transponders Available

MyLaps RC4 Transponder. Image via

We have half-a-dozen transponders on the way. If you don’t have one, now is your chance.  Transponders = accurate lap counting, and better for the club’s organisation.

Once you’re getting ready to move from Novice into the open classes, a transponder is a requirement of the club.  We have rental units at $5 per night, or buy your own and fit it permanently into your car.

The new transponders we’re selling at cost which (including freight) is $102 each.  First in, best dressed (we’ll get more when these are all sold out).



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7 Responses to More Transponders Available

  1. Stricko says:

    I’ll grab one if possible thanks Scott, mine is getting pretty old now and no doubt it will die during an important race…


    • James says:

      Its the same here too Chris 🙂 my MRT transponder looks a bit worn out too but its still going!!

      I would like to grab another one too thanks James

  2. rallyart123 says:

    i will grab one as well thank scott from andrew eberhardt i need one for scottdale show thanks

  3. I’ll also take one, I am sick of switching them around…

  4. chris murray says:

    yay just ordered my new team associated b4.1 rtr so hopefully it will be here for thursday night 🙂 cant wait 🙂 i need to get myself a transponder also but in a few weeks time i reckon 🙂

  5. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    If there’s a spare, could I please get one. One of mine is failing intermittently.

  6. rallyart123 says:

    its andrew eberhardt could you please let me now when more transopers are averable please i will get ather one thanks

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