Race Report: Thursday Oct 27th

Round Two of our Spring 2011 Championship Series has been run and won, with plenty of on-track action, a few new faces, and some welcome long distance visitors the highlights of the night.

First time finals wins went to Tom West (Novice) and Jarrod Painting (10th Buggy) with the other classes falling to Justin Strickland (8th Big Bangers), Rocket Houghton (Tourers) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course).

A couple of notes to remind us of some of our policies around marshalling.

  • first priority is marshall safety – marshalls shouldn’t enter the track unless it is safe to do so, and drivers MUST slow down when there are marshalls on track
  • second priority is to return cars to the track safely – facing in the correct direction, and not in front of oncoming traffic
  • older and more experienced marshalls should try and intersperse themselves among less experienced marshalls

We’ll do a little reminder of this before the next race meeting.  Thanks to every one who works hard to marshall, maintain the track and contribute to the running of race meetings so we can all enjoy our hobby.

Now, click through for the story or get the full race results here.


Two welcome additions to the field tonight in the form of Hobart’s Adrian Gray, and Brisbane driver (and occasional Tassie visitor) David Guyatt.  Nobody could stop perennial front-running Rocket Houghton though, who locked out qualifying from Guyatt and Gray.

Guyatt took to the lead early and put Rocket under immese pressure, leading most of the first couple of minutes before grinding to an early, smokey halt. Rocket took full advantage, taking the lead and running away with the rest of the final. Gray overcame a fast-starting Graham Viney to hold second for a long time before he too found his motor letting the smoke escape. Viney swept by for second, time running out with Gray still holding third ahead of the tight battle of Derek Beresford and Ian Scott, with David Guyatt back in the pits.

  1. Rocket Houghton: 47 laps 10.09
  2. Graham Viney: 37 10.14
  3. Adrian Gray: 33 8.45
  4. Derek Beresford: 26 10.06
  5. Ian Scott: 27 10.07
  6. David Guyatt: 11 2.27

8th Big Bangers

Tonight’s 8th scale racing followed a similar pattern to the last few weeks. Regular race winner Steve Madziara was quick throughout qualifying, Justin Strickland chasing but struggling for consistency. Great to add Andrew Mackenzie to the mix tonight, together with Darren Sheehan. Darren hasn’t raced for something like 20 years and was a welcome addition to the field tonight.

Come finals, and that similar pattern continued. Madziara out fast, but then hunted down by Strickland as the 5-jump rhythm section took its tool. Strickland found his rhythm best and went through the back half of the race nearly mistake free for a third A final win in a row, Madziara second and Andrew Mackenzie a good third on debut in the class.

  1. Justin Strickland: 24 laps 10.23
  2. Steve Madziara: 23 10.14
  3. Andrew Mackenzie: 21 10.06
  4. Troy Taylor: 18 10.08
  5. Darren Sheehan: 11 10.03
  6. James Atkinson: 2 1.22
  7. Ian Scott DNS


A full 10 car field plus Gene Newell squeezed into the SC class meant for some busy racing in tonight’s novice field. Amiee Mackenzie took both qualifiers, but Tom West was close and Calvin James and Ben Jordan both lurked nearby as well.

The final was an absolute pearler – those four plus Mark Jones engaged in a thrilling battle with top 5 positions changing regularly.  Eventually Tom West got away into a small lead, but Calvin and Amiee both refused to let him go – and we were set for a grandstand finish.  The last lap had something like 5 lead changes as West fought off James and Mackenzie to finish in that order with Ben Jordan coming home fast only a couple of seconds back. Great finish to a great race, and Tom’s first finals win. Sadly he’s back on the ship in a few days – hope that northern winter isn’t too cold Tom, and we’ll look forward to seeing Team West back again soon.

  1. Tom West: 17 laps 10.07
  2. Calvin James: 17 10.08
  3. Amiee Mackenzie 17 10.09
  4. Ben Jordan 17 10.11
  5. Chloe Beresford 16 10.20
  6. Mark Jones 15 10.28
  7. Chris West 14 10.26
  8. Gene Newell 13 10.29 (running with SC trucks)
  9. Sam Betts 12 10.04
  10. Michael Taylor 12 10.38
  11. Andrew West 11 10.12

Short Course

19 trucks hit the track tonight, with arguably the strongest and most competitive field yet in the class that continues to be “the big one” at Launceston R/C.  Rocket took Q1 before Scott Guyatt struck back in Q2, with Mark Rayner and Sam Wells close up as well. Andrew Mackenzie, Chris Madziara, Andrew Green, Alex John, Jason Turner and Graham Viney rounded out the 10 A finalists.

Tom West started out on fire from the pole position in the B final, leading early before an unfortunate accident took him out of the mix, leaving a battle that would rage between Damien Betts and Jade Chandler for the rest of the race.   Chandler held the lead for seven laps before Betts took over the front-running and held the lead to the finish. Jordan Turner recovered from a tough start to third.

  1. Damien Betts: 20 laps 10.29
  2. Jade Chandler: 19 10.11
  3. Jordan Turner: 18 10.19
  4. Chris Murray: 17 10.04
  5. Alexander Wade: 17 10.14
  6. Sam Leeder: 16 10.08
  7. James Atkinson: 16 10.40
  8. Philip Ferguson: 15 10.28
  9. Tom West: 14 10.22
  10.  Gene Newell: 13 10.29

Scott Guyatt got away to a clean start and with his main rivals battling hard, slipped away to a race-winning lead.  Rocket Houghton, Andrew Mackenzie, Mark Rayner, Chris Madziara and Sam Wells all ran in the top three in what became an absorbing duel. Mark Rayner came home with a wet sail to snatch second on the final lap, with Andrew Mackenzie also slipping past Sam Wells (in the rent-a-wreck) in a blanket finish, while Rocket went backward with a motor problem.

  1. Scott Guyatt: 23 laps 10.14
  2. Mark Rayner: 21 10.02
  3. Andrew Mackenzie: 21 10.04
  4. Sam Wells: 21 10.05
  5. Alex John: 21 10.21
  6. Andrew Green: 21 10.32
  7. Rodney Houghton: 20 9.48
  8. Chris Madziara: 20 10.14
  9. Jordan Turner: 19 10.07
  10. Graham Viney: 17 9.44

10th Buggy

Damien Betts continued his recent hot form in this class to top qualify, only a dropped while in the second round preventing a clean sweep. Hobart pilot Alex John made a welcome return to sit second from Jarrod Painting, Jade Chandler, Darren Sheehan and the unfortunately David Guyatt….who broke on the first corner of the first qualifier.

Betts was quick early in the final, stretching a small lead over Painting, while John was recovering and trying to find a way past Chandler. That seemed like it would be the story of the race until nearing the 3/4 mark Betts’ Durango dropped a wheel once again, handing the lurking Jarrod Painting a lead he would not relinquish – going on to his first A final win in the class. The win was just reward for a guy who is getting quicker and quicker – and I’m sure it won’t be his last. Betts returned to the track after some quick pit work to salvage second, with John getting the better of the fight with Chandler.

  1. Jarrod Painting: 22 laps 10.13
  2. Damien Betts: 21 10.16
  3. Alex John: 20 10.00
  4. Jade Chandler: 20 10.26
  5. Darren Sheehan: 13 10.25
  6. David Guyatt: DNS

We’ll be back again next fortnight, with racing continuing on November 10th (just the night before the Scotsdale Show meet kicks off on Friday 11th).  We look forward to seeing you there.


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9 Responses to Race Report: Thursday Oct 27th

  1. James says:

    Had an average night out for both of my Short Course Trucks but i was there to have fun!

    In both trucks i was good in the striaght sections then comes turning it has hopeless 😦 im now planning to get ready for the Scottsdale Show with the Blitz & Give a run with the Vorza’s Steering Servo in the Blitz & Next time im giving the Slash a break so i can give the tourer a run on the new track layout!

  2. Can’t believe I managed 2nd after my terrible start!
    Consistancy of 0.98 saved me… Just don’t have the pace in the truck to do the real quick ones.
    Awesome race; thanks guys.

  3. ian says:

    Another good fun night it was good to see David G hear and the other new faces.
    My night in the tourer started out good (except missing transponder)in the final it went down hill with battery leads wrapping around the rear wheel.(That will be fixed with lab batteries coming)

    In the 1/8 did part of ht1 and pulled off driving all over the place didnt wont to cause kaos so retired it but its ready for scottsdale.

    Running out of time for scottsdale so let me know its only 2 weeks away

  4. Rocket says:

    Was an awesome nights racing , great to finally find some pace from my Blitz at last. Have not looked at the car yet, but there is either a motor or battery problem that slowed the car half way through the final nearly to a dead stop in the dying stages, and also my right rear shock bottom came undone and let the oil out, causing a few handling issues throught he finals(wonder if any one span in my oil trial 😉 ) Nothing some general maintenance wont fix 🙂 looking forward to the next run 🙂

  5. Greenie says:

    Yep, i did Rocket!!! LOL!!! thats my reasoning for not being on pace, and i’m sticking to it LOL!!!!!!

  6. Damien Betts says:

    congrats to Jarrod well earned win, myself not sure I can handle the three car meet Andrew Mackenzie how do you do it credit to you. My first time in SC showed I will be spending alot more time and work. As for the Durango ???? span a nylock off in the final, this will be fixed one way or another next meet other than that great night keep up the good work Launnie RC team

  7. derek beresford says:

    i need a more sting in my Bumble Bee!

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