R/C this weekend (17/18 Sept)

There are three options for all you Launceston R/C addicts this coming weekend.

First (and dare we say most important) there will be a working bee at the track from 9am Saturday morning with Paddy to layout the new track. There might be a few power-tool related jobs, plus some muscle moving the track around (including shuffling the driver’s stand back a few feet.  If you can make it to help, have the skills and/or the tools please meet Paddy on site from 9.  It’s not a practice session, but we “might” need to run a couple of cars around the track to check jump placements etc.

Sunday you have two options, both involving some travel.

NWRCCC at Latrobe are running GP and EP (gas powered & electric powered) off-road on their dirt track. It’s a new layout this week after some revisions. Last time out there were just enough for a Short Course Truck class, so if you don’t run 8th off-road bring your 10th SC truck or buggy down for a race. Be on site by about 8.30/8.45 or so. More info here.

Or if you fancy a trip south, the Southern Tasmania Model Car Club guys are running touring cars and short course trucks on-road at their bitumen track at Goodwood. I think be on-site by about 9.15-9.30.  Check the details here.

It’s pretty exciting times for R/C in Tasmania at the moment. Our own development continues (and check out Racing Lines magazine out this week with story and photos from the Launceston Cup), the NWRCCC guys have a great off-road track going, the Goodwood off-road club are deeply embedded in putting down their new 10th offroad track, STMCC (EP on-road) are building a new driver’s stand and have plans for a new track layout, and after several months of down-time the GP (nitro) on-road club at Kingston are having their race track relaid this week.  It’s all go. Tassie R/C rocks!


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8 Responses to R/C this weekend (17/18 Sept)

  1. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Unfortunately I’m not very handy when it comes to power tools/construction but will certainly be there on Saturday to do whatever I can to help.
    I’ll also be heading down to Latrobe on Sunday. I was at the Latrobe track last fortnight and ran the SC truck and it was a blast. The track is fantastic and getting the truck around an off road track is a whole new experience. The guys have made some changes to make the track more friendly to 10th scale. I highly recommend checking it out and having a run.
    Once I finally get my tourer running I am also looking forward to giving it a run in Hobart.

  2. derek beresford says:

    sunday sounds good, i hope the rain stays away!

    • Andrew Mackenzie says:

      Weather is meant to be rain on Saturday but ok on Sunday at this stage. The track has good drainage and dries well but I always check the NWRCCC forum before I leave. You need to create a login to view all the topics. Under the topic NWRCCC News there is usually a topic for the race meet and the guys usually post an update if the meet is cancelled.

  3. James says:

    Im working all weekend but im still heading down to Latrobe to test out the 10th Scale Track for the Slash & If my pinions get here in time i might take the Buggy Down! L8r

  4. chris murray says:

    well guys i would love to come down and help on saturday but as i have to go to the in-laws that aint gonna happen sorry.

  5. ian says:

    Im starting to shift house But i will come in the morning to help out.(come on guys you want a bigger and better track pull fingers out and turn up)

  6. Rocket says:

    Golf duties calling me this saturday 🙂
    may get out there later in the afternoon

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