Race Report: Thursday 8th Sept

With school holidays upon us we had a slightly smaller night than we’ve had recently (mostly thanks to the absence of the 4-strong West clan!), but still a very healthy 45 cars for this “non-points” night.  We’ll return to Championship racing when our Spring season kicks off next fortnight.

I’m have a few operator-induced computer problems meaning that I’m yet to extract the full results, but I do have the race summary sheet, showing all the final results.  See it here.

Race wins tonight went to Chris Murray (Novice A final), Michael Taylor (Novice B final), Sam Wells (10th Buggy), Andrew Mackenzie (Short Course A), Shaun Whatley (Short Course B), Steve Madziara (8th Big Bangers) and Rocket Houghton (Tourers).

There were some absolute highlights from a fun night of racing:

  • Jordan Turner and Jade Chandler both made the leap from Novice into the regular Short Course class, and both made the A final on a first attempt. Awesome! Matthew Chandler likewise moved on from Novice and acquitted himself well in Tenth Buggy. Look for one or two more to make the move for the start of the Spring season – adding to the depth in the open classes, and making space for a bunch of first-time winners in Novice as the year unfolds.
  • Chris Murray was on fire in the Novice A final, winning comfortably in a time that would have been well competitive in the open Short Course class. And this from a guy in just his second or third race meeting.
  • Andrew Mackenzie took the win in one of the best 10-minute finals we’ve ever seen at Rutherglen, holding off Rocket in a tight, clean and fast Short Course final. Definitely Andrew’s best drive yet and a well deserved win. Shaun Whatley just missed the A final  but drove to a ripper B final win and will be hard to keep out of the A next time.
  • Shaun and Andrew Brett were both new to the club tonight, driving their first race meetings at Launceston R/C.

It was, all in all, a fun night of low-stress racing.  Apologies for the couple of minor computer glitches tonight…I had one eye on my kids and helping them enjoy their race and missed a couple of things….!

Racing resumes next fortnight for the first round of our Spring series.  And stay tuned for information on what we hope will be a working bee next Saturday (17th) to put the new track layout into place.


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9 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 8th Sept

  1. Rocket says:

    Awesome nights racing.
    Congrats to Andrew Mac on his great SC drive and well devserved win, I just didnt have the pace to catch you last night, was a good hard clean battle from start to finish, very enjoyable 🙂
    I have a few handling issues to sort out before next race, wasnt too happy with the way the truck was behaving last night, kept unloading the rear under brakes into turn one, and lighting up the inside rear coming onto the front straight, maybe I shouild have payed attention to Scotts school of RC last week 😉
    Tourer was also pretty average , very low grip levels, maybe time for new new tires(Mr Hutton 😉 )

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    sounds like all had good night…cnt wait to be back racing on the 23rd i believe.
    toure has to be reassembled and set up when i return hopefully with some bits to repair it from the last meeting i was there. hopefully come gunning for ya rocket(with old tyres for now) lol

  3. ian says:

    Another good night of racing mine wasnt so good in the blitz battery problems .In the tourer best race i have had finished 3rd from 8 with some really good times.second heat started last on the line up running good until hit hard on last lap and having a lenghty delay and coming 4th The final some in the stearing couldnt stear it pulled out came back but it was over.
    Good to see 2 new drivers in the division

    P.S count me in for the working bee.

    • derek beresford says:

      Highlight of the night was the huge grin on Ians face after his 1st heat in tourers!well done Ian!

      • ian says:

        LOL thanks derek car went well upto my last lap in heat 2 must of hit and moved something final wouldnt stear but will be back to take the sting out off the bee

  4. James says:

    Had a few mechanical dramas in my cars then i got them fied buy the Finals and Got third Place for both Tourers and SCT!

  5. scottg says:

    I did forget to say in my highlights….it was great to see 8 tourers. On the current layout the racing was pretty frantic, hopefully the next layout creates a little better situation for the TC/Mini guys.

    And as every time they make it out, I really enjoyed watching my kids race. They’re slowly getting to grips with it all, and definitely enjoy coming out to play when they can.

    • Rocket says:

      Awesome to see a near full grid of flat trackers 🙂
      And even better to see the laps times start to drop for some of the regular drivers, thier times are getting better each time out, great to see 🙂
      Was hectic out there with so mny cars, but certainly challenging weaving through the traffic , never time blink and a total buz 🙂

  6. Chris murray says:

    I had a great night last night guys was a lot of action to be had the slash is handling like a dream now couldn’t ask for a better set up (thanks greenie) all in all great racing looking forward to signing up as a member next race meet .

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