New track layout?

Here’s a look at a draft of the new track layout we’re working on. We think it will be better for both touring cars and for off-road – with more dedicated sections for both. Leave any constructive thoughts in the comments below. We’re hoping to schedule a work-day within the next couple of weeks to build the new off-road obstacles (jumps, ramps etc) and get the new layout in place. Dates and times as soon as we have them….


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13 Responses to New track layout?

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    Love the TC layout. one suggestion scott as the TC cars will be going head on to off-road in one place that during practice the TC cars get a separate practice session to avoid incidents


    • scottg says:

      Hi Peter,

      We’ve been running a short “tourers only” session during open practice the last couple of club events, and will try and continue doing this either way.


  2. derek beresford says:


  3. chris murray says:

    well scott that looks like a great layout, the touring car part of the track looks to be great, but the off road section well…nice one face paced and fun filled imo.

  4. ian says:

    nice layout good for both.Good to see the shock popper gone(I didnt like it).Like to see the crows feet instead of up the wall.Wll be a great track

  5. Gene newell says:

    love it scotty the tracks good . are you going to raise the platform in the corner or not and i love the wall idea seen it and i think its great . plus nice to see the start in new config tooo let me know when your doing working bee im there

  6. Rocket says:

    looking good, nice and technical layout, should spice up the racing 🙂

  7. Ben says:

    Go the wall ride! that looks awesome!

  8. Tomboom67 says:

    Not sure about the single file starting line up. And have we thought about the marshaling positions for the center section of the track. Otherwise looks good. Problem is i’ve only just started to learnt the old track lay out. Will we be keeping this for a while. As we haven’t had this one very long. Couple of months.

    • Paddy says:

      What we tend to do at LRC is change the track up every points season, the current track we have had for all the last season, 3+ months. That’s the beauty of the temporary track, we can change it up very easily. Single file starts are very common and would eliminate some of that first corner carnage. Marshaling spots wont be a problem either.

      • Alex says:

        +1 on the single file grid, not fun being polaxed into turn 1… Layout looks good. How high will that B44 be able to climb up the wall?!

  9. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Track looks great. Hopefully the first corner 180 being replaced with a 90 degree turn and the use of single file starting will help to reduce the first corner pile-ups. Just wondering if moving the drivers stand back from the track a bit, even a small amount like 50cm might help improve visibility of the front corners of the track for those on the opposite end of the drivers stand?

  10. Greenie says:

    drivers stand is ment to be a metre off the track just for that very reason, will fix before the start of the next race, got moved somewhere along the way

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