Racing this week: Thursday 8th Sept

We’re back racing this week, and with school holidays upon us we’ll see some visits from our occasional younger brigade, and potentially a few away as well (enjoy lazing on the Fijian beach Richard!).  It’s a non-points week this week, so an ideal opportunity to try a different class, and to experiment with car setup.

For those who took part in the “School of R/C” session on suspension geometry after the AGM last week, here’s the on-line “Intro to Setup” that I talked about:  If you have setup questions, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll see what we can come up with to help get you going faster.

Keep a close ear out as well. We hear that the new Goodwood Offroad Model Car Club have a huge pile of pristine clay on-site at their Hobart venue, and crafting of a new 10th offroad track will be starting tomorrow (Monday).  Road trip coming soon!

And a reminder too about the Scotsdale Show race meeting. Racing will take place Friday night and Saturday on a hard surface (I think from memory it’s tennis or netball courts), with classes for all different types of cars. See Ian Scott on Thursday for more details.



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28 Responses to Racing this week: Thursday 8th Sept

  1. Chris murray says:

    Hey guys I may not be there this week as I am waiting on upgrade parts for my slash and I broke a part earlier this week unfortunately fingers crossed I’ll be there though

  2. Chris murray says:

    It’s a part on the rear I think it’s called the stub axle?? Does that sound right?

  3. Greenie says:

    Nice one Derek, the rc community working together, liken it!!!!

    • James says:

      I think they were my old ones that i sold to them when Adam was in the Novice Class with his Slash!

      I’ll be out with my tourer (Parts Arrived today and hopefully be ready buy tonight) & the Slash will be out continuing its good run with the Protrac Suspension Kit!

      Also got the night off from work too! L8r James

  4. Chris murray says:

    Ok I’ll see if my parts turn up Derek if they don’t I shall purchase that of u mate thanks

  5. Chris murray says:

    And ooh nice I’m waitin on my protrac kit to 🙂

  6. Chris murray says:

    wow thats awesome have u got proline powerstokes also ? im gonna get those aswell i think….is it a drastic change in handling with the protrac??

    • James says:

      I do have the Powerstroke Shockies with it also, i havent noticed much in handling wise but its better in durablitiy also there is an proline performance steering kit also i do have that on-board my Slash!

      If you need some setting for the Suspension Set-up between on-road or off-road im happy to give them away! Im an tall person & normally based at the old wooden table that is there! L8r James

      • Chris murray says:

        I’m pretty sure I know who u are I’m still new and a bit shy to talk to people ATM haha I’ll have a chat to yah on Thursday though

      • Chris murray says:

        Well ProTrac kit is 95% on but the standard tools u get with yah slash aren’t long enough to put the rear back on and my tools ain’t turned up from eBay yet bummer

      • James says:

        I used my stock tools that i got with my slash to convert it over from Stock Suspension kit to Protrac kit, Also have a look at Squirrel’s Videos on Youtube how to install the Protrac Kit then i wrote his steps down then i went to convert it ovet!

  7. Scott kopriva says:

    Hi all i’m looking for very good condition Hpi Blitz ese roller with mods or without i’m wanting to race agian now snooker nearly finished thanks if anybody got one email me or ring 0407729084

  8. ian says:

    looking forward to it with the blitz and hopfully better stearing tourer

  9. derek beresford says:

    hopeing for another good run with my Tamiya TT-01 Camaro in the touring cars!

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