Random thoughts….

A couple of random and unrelated thoughts for you today.

First, we’d like to ramp up a couple of safety aspects at Launceston R/C. That means we’re looking to purchase a first aid kit and fire extinguisher/s, and to add a designated first-aid person. If you have contacts where we can source the former, and you’re a qualified first-aider who’d be willing to apply an occasional band-aid, please let us know in the comments, or email Scott.

Second, the North-West R/C Club have their next club race day on Sunday September 4th, and are offering to run a stand-alone Short Course Truck class if we can get enough drivers there for the day. It will be a fun day out on a fantastic track, and something a little different to our normal Launnie racing. Come up for the day and give it a shot (and I’m sure if you bring any other EP offroad car they’ll find a home for you….don’t stay away if you don’t have an SC Truck!).  Track is in the grounds of Latrobe speedway, with racing getting underway by 10 (so be there by 9). You’ll need your transponder. There will be a few Launceston R/C regulars there, so you’ll definitely see familiar faces.

And thirdly (late addition), we’re looking for some insurance advice to re-assess our insurance cover. Anyone with contacts in the general insurance industry (particularly public liability)? Let Scott know.



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  1. Greenie says:

    done a couple of Cert’s in first aid, so if noone else wants to set up to the operating table, let me know, and i’ll fill in.

  2. James says:

    Firstly, Ive done an first-aid course but my liecense has expired and Second, Like i said in my post on NWRCCC: I take out my Slash as a back-up car if the Vorza Breaksdown!

    See Ya Thursday!

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