Winter Season Points Update

With five rounds down, and one to go in our Winter 2011 Championship Series, there are some clear cut winners, some very close points-battles and lots to look forward to in the final round on August 25th.

Here’s the full points:   LRC Winter 2011 Points After 5 Rounds

Remember that non-members will be removed from the pointscore after the next round (so if you haven’t joined/rejoined yet you have two weeks left to do so).


Jordan Turner has cut a swathe through his rivals in this class throughout the series, only tasting defeat once so far and has a big lead going into the final round. Jade Chandler has also been consistently fast and is comfortably second, but behind Jade it’s a log jam with Amiee Mackenzie, Matthew Chandler and Mark Jones split by just three points.  Expect some of the late arrivals in the class to vault up the leaderboard – particularly Alannah Hodgetts, Ben Jordan and Gene Newell all likely to move up.

Tenth Buggy

Sam Wells has fallen back to the pack with a slightly off-usual-pace result this week, and goes into the final round holding a narrow five point margin over Paddy Hume, with Alex John, Andrew Mackenzie and Chris Brickwood close behind, and Damien Betts still right in the mix as well.  Sam is the favourite….but if he struggles next week, anything is possible.

8th Big Bangers

Steve Madziara has a perfect score – with five wins from five starts he is just as untouchable on the leaderboard as he’s proven on the track this season. Rocket is just ahead of Ben Wilson in second, but with Rodney shifting focus to Short Course the last couple of weeks, it gives Ben the chance to move further up.  Recent additions to the field in the form of Marc Kilbride and Justin Strickland will also move forward, but there aren’t enough points available for them to threaten the top three.


On the points, as on the track, Graham Viney and Peter Hutton are inseperable, just a couple of points apart going into the final round of the series and sitting in second and third respectively. It’s unlikely either will catch points leader Rocket Houghton (provided his radio doesn’t shut down!) but the battle for second will be a highlight. Likewise James Atkinson and Ian Scott are tightly locked in a duel for fourth/fifth.

Short Course Trucks

Scott Guyatt can’t be caught for the series win, but as has so often been the case this eason, but behind him it’s going to be a brilliant (and close) competition.  Alex John heads the field, but only six points seperate he, Greenie, Andrew Mackenzie and Adam Beresford. Mark Rayner has only two results on the board but with a top finish next event could also rocket into contention for a top three series finish.

It will be a bit race next fortnight, with plenty to look forward to.  Don’t miss it!

**Updated Sat 13th to correct error in SCT.


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8 Responses to Winter Season Points Update

  1. derek beresford says:

    sorry Scott to be a pain but if i came 7th in the final doesnt that mean i get 15 pts not 14pts thankyou

    • scottg says:

      DOn’t apologise Derek…thanks for spotting the error (again!). I had you and Adam scored around the wrong way from this week’s race meeting.

      Any errors, don’t hesitate to post a note or shoot me an email.

  2. derek beresford says:

    thanks scott so much closer to the top

  3. Greenie says:

    WOW, Short Couse points for 2nd is sooooooooooo close!!!!!!!! didnt pay attention, going to be a fight to the finish line for the final round of the series!!!!! hope all the gremlins has left the blitz!!!!!!

  4. ian says:

    With Peter gone from the tourers looks like third spot will be tight finish between me and james with James leeding buy three point .It will be on

    • derek beresford says:

      Ian u dont stand a chance mate im going to be in front of u all the way,ill even take my mirrors off so i dont keep seeing you in

  5. scottg says:

    Reminder: membership fees are due by next Thursday. Non members will be removed from the Winter Championship points season (even if they’re winning their class!). Hit the “Club Documents” link above for paper or online membership forms and banking details for direct deposit.

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