Racing this Thursday – August 11th

Racing is back this Thursday at Rutherglen as Launceston R/C continues our Winter 2011 race season.

It’s round five in the series, with competition tight, and points hard fought across all the classes.

With another unfortunate winter-washout at NWRCCC’s Latrobe outdoor track on the weekend, we could see an influx of north-west drivers keen to get some wheel time.

This week we’ll be without regular Peter Hutton, with Peter on holidays in the Northern Territory and taking in some racing while he’s up there. We’ll miss you Peter, make sure you represent well on the NT race tracks!

As usual, we’ll have doors open by 6 at the latest, with nominations closing at 6.45 and racing starting by 7pm.  You can expect 2 rounds of qualifying (five minute races) and a 10 minute final.

See you there? We hope so!


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9 Responses to Racing this Thursday – August 11th

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    have a gr8 night peeps…still celebrating my first nights racing in darwin still.
    See if i can go one better in class in the truck titles

  2. Yep, Justin & I should be there again…. I think I have cobwebs on my GP Buggy…

  3. James says:

    I’ll be there in my big banger since no racing at latrobe lately, the Vorza has been out on my street for practise runs but is keen for a FULL-ON race meeting and the tourer will be out to continue its good run in the points 4th outright from my calculations, its going to be a close finish with no Peter or Rocket?? Time will tell this round?? L8r James

    • derek beresford says:

      looking forward to racing you James in tourers this week,and you to Ian it should be fun!

      • James says:

        Hope its just all three of us slow guys so we can get a chance to win a race, last time graham was too quick for me!

    • Rocket says:

      Rocket will be back in the tourer ranks this week , running an older retro Ford Falcon AU from last century lol 😉 should be a bit of a handicap to slow the old Yokomo down a few seconds 😉

      I will toss the coin on the night to decide between 1/8th or SC , decisions decisions lol

      • James says:

        Im in the same boat as you Rocket too: 1/8th or SC but my descision is already made since the timing transponder is still in the Vorza!

  4. ian says:

    Will be there as usual and hopfully i can keep the battery in the tourer.It will be a shoot out for third.Rocket probaly be back and graham with his mini.looking forward to it.

  5. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Looking forward to another nights racing. With all the bad weather preventing outdoor racing, the fortnight between indoor races seems soooo long.
    Raced the Kyosho SCT for the first time at the last meet but had an issue with the steering. Have got a voltage protector coming for the receiver which will hopefully help if it arrives in time, otherwise will be running the SC10.

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