Reminder: no racing this week!

Just a quick reminder, with June being one of the 5-Thursday months of the year, we’re in the middle of a three-week break between race meetings.

Our next Club event is Thursday 14th July at Rutherglen (remembering that we race on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month).

If you’re aching for an R/C fix this week, check in with the guys at NWRCCC who are putting on a demo day at the Latrobe Winterfest next Sunday.  Hit their forum here for the information you need and to let them know you’re interested in coming along (off-road cars only I think).

See you all on the 14th….for another big night’s racing!


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11 Responses to Reminder: no racing this week!

  1. ian says:

    any chance of a practise night then???????

  2. derek beresford says:

    Adam and i think that is a great idea Ian!

  3. Rocket says:

    practice night would be awesome , was looking forward to racing.

  4. Greenie says:

    we’d need to get as close to 15 people as we can to make the rent, and thats 5(me too!!!), so thats 1/3rd of tha way!!!

  5. Ben says:

    I am all for a roster of simply every fortnight, makes it easier to work around with early starts at work and none of these 3 week breaks… however 3 week break does make you keen for the next!

    Just gonna lash out for some advice now… I am running 2200kv motor, 12 tooth pinion and standard 1/8 spur gear.. I think its 48 tooth. All new bearings throughout drive system and heaps of holes cut in the body as well as fans on the esc and motor and heat synk snuggly fitted to motor…
    Yet still I am struggling with the 10 min finals, towards the end my engine temp surpassed 80 degrees and would have kept climbing if I didnt baby it to the finish. I have also blown up an esc and motor a few meets ago (remember the smell?) again due to excess heat…
    so different motor esc and new buggy hasnt helped get temps down… I have no problems in a 5 min race.. The temp just seems to creep up in the 10 min races…
    Any sugestions?, anyone else struggling with the 10 min finals?
    Can we have 2 qualifyers and 2 – 5 min finals just to suit me lol?

    • scottg says:

      Hi Ben,
      We should be able to get your system running 10 minutes comfortably. You have the hobbywing system? You can change the esc settings to it has less timing, and lower drag brake for a start. Neither will hurt your performance at Rutherglen but both should help engine temperatures. I think there’s also a chance that you’re actually under-geared (too small a pinion) at 12/48. What kind of car is it that you’re running?


      • Ben says:

        Its a hyper 8.5. I have also tried a 14 tooth pinion and had the same temperature issues.. I am running 10% drag brake. and standard timing. as I know nothing about timing ive been too scared to change it

  6. Alex says:

    In that case can we change to Friday nights too so I can drive up and spend the weekend. Rather than having to get up early friday morning to get back for one day of uni! 😛

  7. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    I’d be in for a practice night if it’s on.

  8. scottg says:

    At least part of the reason for running twice monthly was to try and keep the events on opposite weeks for those who come from NWRCCC.

    A second reason is that without referring to a race calendar, it’s always easy to work out if it’s a 2nd or 4th Thursday night.

    A third is that for those of us running the events, a “mini-break” every now and then isn’t a bad thing.

    Having said that, we didn’t think about the fortnightly roster situation that works for some people. We actually have a bigger question to start thinking about as well. If numbers are going to stay as high as they were last fortnight (53 cars) we’re going to need to seriously think about how to manage those sorts of numbers. We’ll talk about some options over the next little while (including at the AGM which will be soon) to see what are the best ways to handle it.

    In the meantime, Greenie is looking into Thursday night.

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