AARCMCC Touring Car Weights

As a member of the national association, we get asked to voted on proposed rule changes.  There is a proposal at the moment to reduce touring car weights from 1425 grams to 1380 grams. The proposal claims that modern touring cars with modern electrics and LiPo batteries are usually well under the current legal weight limit, and that drivers have to add lots of weight to make the limit.

If you have an opinion on this proposal, please contribute to the discussion in the comments section below.  We have until 22nd July to respond.

There is no direct implications for Launceston R/C. Firstly though we are members of AARCMCC we are not necessarily obliged to use their rules. Secondly those members of the club who travel to the Tasmanian Championships need to be aware that the event is run under a different set of rules (Victorian association).  So while we are entitled to vote, it doesn’t impact us directly.

We can vote NO, leave weight as is. We can vote YES, change the weight. Or we can choose not to vote (which I think under AARCMCC rules is considered a “NO” vote anyway.

Over to you, if you have an opinion, share it.


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4 Responses to AARCMCC Touring Car Weights

  1. That makes sense to me, really it’s pointless adding weights to a car to meet the minimum weight. Whilst i’ve not done a lot of touring car driving, i’d be inclined to vote yes.

  2. Rocket says:

    Yes less weight is good , its a pain having to fill a car with lead and try and balance it out just to meet a crazy weight rule that is so out of date with current cars and equipment.

  3. James says:

    I have to check my weight of my tourer then i’ll see how i go! L8r James

    • James says:

      Ive taken my tourer to work since ive got no scales at home to weight it properley and its weighing at 1395gms that is with a RFI battery included! See you next week!

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