Race Report 23rd June 2011

Massive, epic night of racing with 53 cars, our biggest night ever.

With just two days until the Launceston Cup, my list of jobs to do is long and time tight, so rather than a full written report tonight, here’s a quick video summary.

Here’s the link to the full results.

Remembering that we (I) had a glitch with the Novice A final, meaning that the results at the link above are only for the second half of the race. The combined 10 minute results (on which the points will be based) are:

  1. Jordan Turner 24 10:34
  2. Matthew Chandler 21 10:27
  3. Jade Chandler 21 10:27
  4. Gene Newell 20 10:24
  5. Tom West 20 10:30
  6. Rob WRagg 18 10:20
  7. Marcel Anstie 5 3:56
  8. Wes Keckendorf 5 4:01

Look forward to seeing you all Saturday for the inaugral Tiger Models Launceston Cup.



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1 Response to Race Report 23rd June 2011

  1. James says:

    Firstly, Bravo!! To those people who made the Track and Surroundings ready for the Launie Cup; More room to see the cars while marshalling and no garbage was lying around at the marshall points. Secondly Good Videos there Scott!
    Third: I walked in for the first time i went wow what a good job for thse people form the Working bee, then i started to get set-up for the night and get ready for practise!
    Had a little issue with the Tourer, I didnt gear mesh the car proplerly got that fixed then a little rock got into my pinion gear once i got it out the car was fine again until my little problem in the final my end points for my steering was a bit too far again!
    Slash: It had the usuall good night out 2nd in B-Main Final! L8r James

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