Launceston R/C & the Tiger Models Launceston Cup in the Media

This weekend’s Tiger Models Launceston Cup is making local media here in northern Tasmania.

Paddy completed an interview with the Examiner yesterday, which together with the photos shot last Saturday should appear in the paper in the next day or two. If you see the story, post here in the comments which day’s paper it’s in.

Tomorrow (Thursday), Scott will be on air with the ABC Northern Tasmania breakfast show at about 6.15am to talk with Belinda King about the club, the event and our hobby. Tune in at 91.7FM bright and early.


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4 Responses to Launceston R/C & the Tiger Models Launceston Cup in the Media

  1. Stricko says:

    Sounds interesting, if someone could scan and put it up that would be cool! Save me having to buy the paper!

  2. Greenie says:

    LOL!!!! check the online edition!!!

  3. Stricko says:

    Oh good idea! I never thought of that, mmmm can’t find it on there though….

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