Racing this week: Thursday 26th May

Racing continues this Thursday night at Rutherglen Raceway.

It’s a non championship week, so your chance to try a different and enjoy a great night’s racing.

Remember it’s also the first night we use the new transponders for lap counting.

When you nominate you’ll need to tell race control your class and frequency as usual, but also your transponder number (a seven digit number printed on your transponder). It’s this unique number that lets the computer track your car.

If you don’t yet have a transponder, we have some for rental – these will be an additional $5 per night on top of your normal race fees (and if you lose or damage the rental you’ll be up for the repair/replacement cost – up to $100).

We’ll also be doing a second order of transponders in the near future, so if you want one (or want a second one) see Greenie at Race Control. Cost to be confirmed but should still be $100 per unit.

We’re looking forward to this week, and to seeing you at the race track. Bring a friend as well!


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11 Responses to Racing this week: Thursday 26th May

  1. ian says:

    Looking forward to it .Running the blitz and the tourer engine mount replaced and looking forward to it. c all there

  2. ian says:

    will bring out that sweeper again

  3. James says:

    Ive got my Water Basketball Grand Final and Im in the Main game of the night so i wont be out this week but hopefully i’ll be out with both cars next week for the next Champion Points Series!

  4. Peter Hutton says:

    may be coming not sure yet, new tourer hasnt arrived yet.


  5. ian says:

    got some shipping rope

  6. derek beresford says:

    Bring on race night!every fortnight is so far away for us newbies!

  7. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Looking forward to another fun night. Will be running short course and tenth buggy. I know it was only two weeks ago but it feels like ages since the last night 🙂

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