Racing Thursday May 12th

Racing continues at Launceston R/C this Thursday night….our last using manual lap counting!

Being a non-championship week (remember…the Autumn series finished last fortnight) we’ll experiment with race format. Having accidentally tried it last week, this week we’ll deliberately run 10 minute finals. So the format for the night will be two 5-minute qualifiers, and a 10 minute final for all classes. If it goes well, and feedback is good, we’ll run this race format throughout our Winter series….so come on down, try it out and let us know what you think.

The longer final gives you time to get into the groove, and to recover from early mistakes. Run time is generally not an issue – with even the 8th buggy guys having plenty of capacity to run 10 minutes on our track.  Make sure you start your final with a fresh pack, and you’ll be just fine.

For members, results from the Autumn series will be up later tonight, and we’re hoping to have medals for presenting in time for Thursday night.

Finally, reminder to committee members that we are meeting Tuesday night – check in with Paddy or Greenie for venue details.

See you Thursday night!


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5 Responses to Racing Thursday May 12th

  1. ian says:

    Looking forward to thursday night Blitz having a rest and 1/8 buggy coming for a run with the tourer.Does anyone now how to revive a lipo Battery see all thursday

    • Greenie says:

      hey Ian, i reckon i’ll be a bit later then i’d like tonight, gotta go out to the airport this arvo for a job, so you might have to ask nicely and let ya’ self in sorry.

  2. Paddy says:

    Looking forward to dialing in the B4.1 finally!
    We have the Autumn season medals in our hands, so we will be doing a presentation on the night as well! 😀

  3. Ben says:

    Looks like im gonna have to miss another one 😦 Will be back on board for the winter series…… Have fun Peoples

  4. James says:

    Got the night off work so i’ll be out with the Slash & Fun Run with the Vorza!

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