Happiness….is a box full of transponders…..now in Launceston…..ready to go.


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8 Responses to Happiness…..

  1. ian says:

    cant wait for the first race with them

  2. Greenie says:

    i reckon Paddy and Scott are the ones whoe REALY can’t wait for the system to be up and run!!! LOL!!! no more number pad!!!! YA!!!!

  3. Alex says:

    Maybe they can donate the number pad to the GOMCC timekeeper 😦 😛

  4. James says:

    Can i buy one on thursday night so i can throw one on the Vorza? Thanks James

  5. Ben says:

    Ive had commitments early the last few Fridays.. looks like I may miss tomorrow too but my money is put aside and I will be back soon! 🙂 looking foward to auto lap counting….

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