Autumn Points Series – After Five Rounds

Last night’s race meeting marked the fifth of six in our Autumn 2011 points series.

Get the full points here: LRC Autumn 2011 Points after 5 rounds.  The points sheet lists each class by total points with worst result (so far) dropped. There are lots of possible changes from this point…so get to it and do the maths for your class!

In Novice, after just three race meetings, Jordan Turner has hit the points lead, closely followed by Aimee McKenzie and Jade Chandler, and with Derek and Adam Beresford rapidly closing in with their own big points hauls in recent weeks.

Paddy Hume sits clear of the field in Tenth Buggy after his win last night, with Sam Wells and Steve Madziara still in the hunt for overall honours.  Chris Brickwood, Andrew McKenzie and Ben Wilson are still tightly locked together in the 4/5/6 positions.

Tourers is a lockout for Rocket, with a perfect result so far meaning he is well clear.  Behind him Peter Hutton and Graham Viney are locked in mortal combat, split by just one point with a round to go. Look for some serious race-faces for those two next fortnight.

Josh Fogarty still sits atop the list for 8th Big Bangers, but Steve Madziara is closing fast. I’m not sure that Josh plans on running any more 8th scale, so that leaves the final battle in the hands of Madziara and Rocket, with Ben Wilson and John Silczak a little further back.

Short Course Truck is perhaps where the most intriguing possibilities still lie for the championship.  Andrew McKenzie leads the series, but is only one point clear of Andrew Green, with Scott Guyatt another two away, and Nathan Clark in the mix as well.  Even Josh Fogarty has the potential to shift the order up front. With a dropped round to play with, Guyatt, Clark and Fogarty have the most potential to vault up the order…all three carrying at least one zero score at present.  There is also a super mid-field battle, with just 10 points seperating 6th placed Sam Leeder and 12th placed Rocket.

Lots to look forward to as we crown our second Series Champions after just one more race meeting.


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  1. Greenie says:

    This is great!!!!
    I didn’t think the racing would be this close so early into the clubs history!!!!!!!
    Wicked racing, wicked fun, lets keep it going!!!!!

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