Transponder Reminder & SC Tyre List

Two notes this morning.

Firstly to remind you that we need to order our transponders.  The RC4 units will be $100 each, the best price we’ve been able to find world-wide. Please see Greenie at practice night tonight, or email Scott to make sure we have you on the list.

Secondly, we’re moving the approved tyres for SC Trucks to a specific list of tyres, rather than the current rule of “any stock SC tyre”.  We’ve updated the SC Truck page with the current list. Please check it and let us know if you think there are any tyres that should be on the list that are missing.


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2 Responses to Transponder Reminder & SC Tyre List

  1. Alex says:

    Haven’t the ROAR SC tyre rules just changed to max 1.65″ tyre width?

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