Autumn Points Update

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (no?), the first release of points for our Autumn Championship series.

Here’s the full points after found rounds (pdf format): LRC Autumn 2011 Points after 4 rounds – updated

Remember there are six rounds in the season, with best five results to count, and only club members eligible for Series awards.

Some very close battles, with just about every class still up for grabs at this stage.  Here’s how it stands counting best three of four rounds completed to date (NB: revised points in Novice and SC due to operator error!). Click through for the story of who’s in the fight at the front of each class….

In Short Course, it’s Andrew McKenzie, Andrew Green, Nathan Clark and Scott Guyatt still well in the mix, while Christ Madziara, Josh Fogarty and Rocket are close by if the results go their way.

  1. Andrew McKenzie – 59 points
  2. Andrew Green – 56 points
  3. Nathan Clark – 54 points
  4. Scott Guyatt – 50 points
  5. Chris Madziara – 48 points

In 8th Buggy it’s Fogarty leading Madziara, but with Steve’s awesome form last week…..?

  1. Josh Fogarty – 75 points
  2. Steve Madziara – 69 points
  3. Ben Wilson – 60 points
  4. Rocket Houghton – 56 points
  5. John Silczak – 50 points

10th Buggy is very close. Wells, Madziara and Hume are locked together, with Brickwood, McKenzie and Wilson also very close together.

  1. Paddy Hume – 70 points
  2. Sam Wells – 69 poitns
  3. Steve Madziara – 67 points
  4. Chris Brickwood – 54 points
  5. Andrew McKenzie – 52 points

Tourers looks like it will fall to Rocket, but with Hutton and Viney duking it out for 2/3.

  1. Rocket Houghton: 75 points
  2. Peter Hutton: 66 points:
  3. Graham Viney: 67 points
  4. Ian Scott: 56 points

Aimee McKenzie and Jade Chandler are locked together at the head of the points in Novice, but things can change quickly and with two rounds still to go, Novice really could go anywhere.  What I’m loving is that we’ve had 15 different drivers in our novice class so far this season.  Fantastic to see so much fresh new talent ou there burning up the track.

  1. Aimee McKenzie: 59 points
  2. Jade Chandler: 59 points
  3. Jordan Turner: 44 points
  4. Derek Beresford: 36 points
  5. Carl Taylor: 35 points

I’ll update again after round 5, and then of course after round 6.


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3 Responses to Autumn Points Update

  1. ian says:

    some off my point in the novice should have been put on the short course list

    • scottg says:

      I have reallocated points for SC and Novice for Round 4. Ian has accrued points in SC based on Final finishing times, and that’s re-shaped the Novice points as well. Aimee and Jade are now dead level in Novice, two rounds to go.

      The link above now takes you to the updated points

      Thanks Ian for the reminder.

  2. Corey says:

    Hi guys, was wondering if there is anyone at Launcestonrc that can replace traxxas link 2.4ghz receiver antenna co-ax (I think), i broke the top of it when removing it, any help would be much appreciated 😉

    sorry i posted this somewheere else to, but perhaps i should post it on the Launcestonrc forums


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