Practice Night this week….& transponder news

Two updates for you.

This Thursday (31st March) we’ll be running an open practice night, and the second of our “School of R/C” sessions, this week concentrating on some driving basics.  Doors will be open by 6pm, we’ll run the ‘school’ session around 6.30, and track will stay open for practice (uncontrolled, untimed) until about 9/9.30.  There will be a small charge to cover our costs for the night – probably $5-$8 each or so.  See you there! (remember our first School of R/C session covered the basics of “The Racing Line”. Go here for a review before Thursday night….and bring your track map!!).

On the transponder front, we have now ordered our new lap counting hardware (the bits we need to make transponders work).  We would like to place the order for the actual transponders by the end of April – so over the next few weeks we’ll need to confirm orders, and collect your money. If you want to, you can pay a bit each time over the next month (practice this week, plus next two race meetings) to ease the pain.  Reminder that total cost is $100 each transponder, plus probably $5 or so for an extra mounting bracket).  To pay, see Greenie, to order, let Scott know (I’ll have a list there the next three weeks).

Look forward to seeing you Thursday night.


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9 Responses to Practice Night this week….& transponder news

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    See you there…got some real problems to sort out


    • Peter Hutton says:

      Also if anyone has a hall sensor to suit a Novak Balistic motor be appreciated

  2. Corey says:

    Hi guys, was wondering if there is anyone at Launcestonrc that can replace traxxas link 2.4ghz receiver antenna co-ax (I think), i broke the top of it when removing it, any help would be much appreciated 😉


  3. scottg says:

    Hey guys,

    slight change of plan for this week’s practice session.

    The “School of R/C” session will now be taught by Rocket….he’ll be passing on some of the knowledge he’s gained over many years of front-running R/C action.

    Should be a ripper session, and a great night of practice.



  4. James says:

    My Water-Basketball team needs me were lacking a bit behind lately so they need my help! L8r James

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