Race Report – Thursday 10th March

A big field of 39 cars faced the starter tonight in what was a great night’s racing at Launceston R/C.  Highlight of the night was the 10 car Novice field, with a total of six first time racers joining in for the night.  Joe, Jordan, Derek, Jarrod, Adrian and Damien, it was great to have you guys with us, and we hope you see you again.  Special welcome also to Queensland visitors Adrian and David, in Tasmania for this weekend’s Tasmanian EP Touring Car Championship.

On track, the action was fierce, and the wins went to Joe van Galen (Novice), Rodney Houghton (Tourer), Adrian Beggs (Short Course), Paddy Hume (Tenth Buggy) and Josh Fogarty (8th Big Bangers).

Full results are available here, or click through for the story.


10 cars makes for a very busy race track, and our novice field tonight was definitely busy!  First-time racers mixed with other relative newcomers for some entertaining and enjoyable racing.  Jordan Turner was the quickest in qualifying, taking three wins from three, with Joe van Galen and Amiee Mackenzie going really quickly as well.  Mitch Guyatt’s night came to an early end with a melted electronic speed control, while Troy and Philip both had steering problems.

Joe got away to the best start in the final, and went on with the job in what was an excellent drive. Joe set the night’s fastest time for the Novice class and it was a deserved win. Jordan recovered from a tough start and then got the better of a race long battle with Amiee to take second, Aimee in third.

  1. Joe van Galen
  2. Jordan Turner
  3. Amiee Mackenzie
  4. Derek Beresford
  5. Jade Chandler
  6. Carl Taylor
  7. DNS Troy Taylor, Mitchell Guyatt, Philip Ferguson, Jarrod Painting

Touring Cars/Mini

Four cars tonight, with Graham Viney’s mini joining the fray.  Rocket was quickest throughout qualifying, Peter Hutton next, and Viney and Ian Scott battling for third.  The final proved more of the same, Rocket simply too quick, Hutton second and Ian Scott third – all three setting their fastest times in the final.  Viney entertained by putting the mini over all the jump sections on one memorable lap!

Ian’s efforts are worth noting.  Starting the night with a 14 lap run, Ian improved remarkably through the night, finishing off with a 17 lap result in the final.  Nice work Ian!

  1. Rodney Houghton
  2. Peter Hutton
  3. Ian Scott
  4. Graham Viney

Short Course Trucks

10 trucks tonight is a little down on our usual numbers, but definitely some good racing going on out there.  Qualifying was a battle between Queensland visitors Adrian Beggs and Dave Guyatt and the pride of Launceston in the form of Greenie and Andrew Mackenzie.  Beggs took the TQ spot in the final round while a blown motor bearing put Greenie on the sidelines. Mackenzie and Guyatt would start in row two, with Chris Madziara and Sam Leeder close by as well.

Beggs, Guyatt, Mackenzie and Madziara fought out a tight early start, before Beggs settled into the groove and drove away from the field. He went on to a big win in what was the fastest time of the night. Behind him Mackenzie fought off the other two, eventually breaking away into a clear second spot (though a mid-race roll put him back within reach) which he would hold to the flag. Chris Madziara had his best result yet, putting together a solid race and getting away from Guyatt in the closing minutes to take third. Sam Leeder’s fifth place too would be one of his best results.

  1. Adrian Beggs
  2. Andrew Mackenzie
  3. Chris Madziara
  4. David Guyatt
  5. Sam Leeder
  6. Graham Viney
  7. Michael Peck
  8. Alexander Wade
  9. Ian Scott
  10. Andrew Green (DNS)

Tenth Buggy

Another big field of tenth buggy faced the starter tonight, with a mix of 2wd and 4wd buggies.  Sam Wells was quickest throughout, really getting the RC10B4 working well and taking three straight wins to lock up pole position. Scott Guyatt would start second, with Paddy Hume in P3 alongside Steve Madziara.

The final was all about Paddy Hume. The club President put together what is without doubt his best race yet, driving flawlessly through to go to a big win and the night’s fastest time.  Guyatt and Wells battled behind Paddy, finishing in that order from Madziara and Andrew Mackenzie.

  1. Paddy Hume
  2. Scott Guyatt
  3. Sam Wells (TQ)
  4. Steve Madziara
  5. Andrew Mackenzie
  6. Ben Wilson
  7. John Silczak
  8. Damien Bettz (DNS)

8th Big Bangers

A nice seven car field to go racing tonight, including first timer in this class Troy Taylor.  Qualifying was an absorbing duel, with Josh Fogarty taking Q1, Rocket Q2, and then Steve Madziara winning a thrilling Q3 in what was the quickest qualifying time to start the final in pole position.

Madziara got the best of the start, alongside Ben Wilson and John Silczak, with Fogarty and Houghton well back early.  Madziara started to stretch his lead before an error put Wilson back in front and allowed Fogarty to rejoin the battle for the lead. These three raced long and hard, before Madziara and Fogarty slipped away, with Houghton putting Wilson under pressure as well.  Over the final minute Fogarty was too strong, eking out a 2-3 second lead he would to the flag, Madziara second, with Wilson holding off Rocket and rightly delighted with third place.

  1. Josh Fogarty
  2. Steve Madziara
  3. Ben Wilson
  4. Rocket Houghton
  5. James Atkinson
  6. John Silczak
  7. Troy Taylor

We go racing again next fortnight, on March 24th. I hope you can join us.


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6 Responses to Race Report – Thursday 10th March

  1. ian says:

    What a night of racing it was lots of new faces in attendence. The racing was fast and exciting.My night was average with the blitz but made up with the tourer coming third in front of the flying mini.Thanks to Adrian Beggs for rectifing my front end and made it alot better, Good to see David again ,looking forward to taking the tourer down to hobart for a run .See all next time

  2. James says:

    I had a win from my water basketball team, then i headed down for a fun run, only problem i had when i collided with troy taylor’s buggy with a loose tire off the rim! But i was there to have fun and gain more experience with the Vorza Buggy!

    • James says:

      Oh yeah nice track change too, i just got used to the first ripple section then i got up onto the driverstand and saw the new change! Good work to that change! L8r James

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    First off welcome and congrats to all the newbies last night, good to see.
    Well dont know what i gotta do to catch Rocket(besides driving better or nobbling him) i had a gr8 night with the tourer and well done Ian on your improvement over the night…car works much better with all the bits in the right place hey?? Was funny watching graham out the corner off my eye driving the mini over the jumps…considering it had a broken shockie it was a sight to see…
    Hopefully next meet will have all the gear here for the 4X4 truck to race.
    Till then happy racing.
    PS good luck to all the guys going to Hobart…wish i was with you


  4. Rocket says:

    Another awesome night of action , great to see the novice class taking off with a full field of cars and plent yof new faces around the place
    My tourer is on rails and going well on the slippery surface even when its off the racing line , but the LRP 1/8th brute had a few issues with the steering servo failing to stay turned, after a few hard laps it seems to over heat and not pull full lock or hold full lock and straightens back up mid corner , bit of a mystery and very frustrating when it is handling so well until it starts playing up .. might have to try another servo once i replace the broken front knuckle .. also the 3 screws that hold the motor mount to the chassi had disappeared and the motor was floating , not sure how it actually stayed going and in mesh durig the final .. I guess its time to start doinf some long over due car maintenance 🙂

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