Big Race Action: This Thursday (March 10th)

This Thursday night marks round three of our 2011 Autumn series.  Whether it’s your first time with us, or you’re a regular, come on out to Rutherglen Raceway for some indoor electric R/C car racing action.

I’m feeling like this could be a big week, one not to be missed.  Will we crack the 20 truck mark in SC?  Will Josh Fogarty continue his strong run in 8th?  Just how many 2wd 10th buggies will be in action?

Of particular personal interest to me, with my dad in town and planning on racing, I’m giving 7 y/old Mitch a leave pass to come out on a school night. That’ll be three generations of Guyatts all racing on the same night….might be a first in R/C anywhere in Australia!

Gold Coast gun Adrian Beggs is also likely to be in town, and he’ll definitely be one to watch in SC truck this week.

These visitors are in Tassie for the 2011 EP Touring Tasmanian Championships – which takes place this coming weekend in Hobart.  Greenie, Paddy, Sam Wells, Graham Viney and I are all heading south for the race, and we’ll let you know how we get on.  If you feel like a trip south over the weekend you’ll see some fantastic action. Track is at Goodwood, near the bridge (just down the road from the Derwent Entertainment Centre).

See you Thursday night!  Remember track opens for practice at 6pm, racing from 7.


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10 Responses to Big Race Action: This Thursday (March 10th)

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    The new front diff has arrived for the tourer so its back in action for
    thursday night and mail pending will race the Hyper 4X4 as well.

  2. Greenie says:

    4 days of racing!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!
    see ya’ll thursday night!!!!!
    BLITZ, BLITZ, BLITZ, BLITZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greenie says:

      oh, and a big welcome back to Heavy (Scott’s dad) for another race meet in Launceston.

  3. ian says:

    Looking forward to it .Racing the blitz and the sakura tourer.cya there

  4. David Guyatt says:

    Ian if you need any help with the Sakura, Beggsie (our other large island visitor on Thursday night) is an expert on Sakura and will be happy to help.

  5. James says:

    My Shocks on the Slash needs fixing and not enough batteries for the Vorza so i wont be out this week; Ive got a match of Water Basketball this thursday night and i might head down to watch after my match to see the mainland drivers!

    • James says:

      Iam i allowed to bring the Vorza for another fun run after my match of Water Basketball tonight?

      I should be there buy 8-8:30pm and my transmiter is 27.225mhz!

      Thanks James

      • scottg says:

        Yep, no problem James. I’ll put an entry in for you. Come and see me when you arrive and I’ll let you know race number, car number etc.

      • James says:

        Thanks Scott! My Crystal is 27.255mhz just a thought to double check it!

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