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Following this week’s meeting of the Launceston R/C Inc committee, there are a few pieces of important news to share.  We’ll announce these at the next couple of club events as well.

Click through for news on:

  • Transponder lap counting (it’s nearly here!)
  • Double Jump (Shockpopper) Safety Changes
  • Other Track Changes
  • Half-Year Memberships to 30 June
  • Upcoming changes to 10th Buggy Class
  • Saturday Racing – Touring Car & Family friendly
  • Short Course Truck Tyre list
  • Launceston Duck Race
  • Launceston Cup Trophy Day
  • Volunteers Needed
  • NWRCCC Invite

It’s a lengthy article…but the news is important…please click through and read on.

Transponder Lap Counting Nearly Here!: We are very excited to announce that we now have the necessary funds to purchasing the hardware necessary to implement fully automatic transponder lap counting.  For those new to the system, each car is fitted with a small transponder (powered from the receiver), and a loop fitted to the track identifies the car each time it passes the start/finish line.  Lap Counting will be far more accurate, and it enables race control officials to both (a) enjoy the evenings without being constantly punching in numbers; and (b) to keep an eye on other aspects of the racing.

The implications of installing transponder lap counting systems are that each car will need to be fitted with a transponder. These are a one-time purchase, and will last years.  We’ll be arranging a bulk purchase for those who need to buy a new transponder, with likely cost approximately $100. In the meantime, second hand transponders are routinely available, and cost in the vicinity of $60-$90 and if you’d like to go that way, you should start looking now. Over the next few days we will post full details, including photos and model numbers of transponders that will suit our system, and links to a number of second hand sale forums.

At this point it is our intention to purchase and install the new system in time for the start of our Winter Season on May 26th.  We will also purchase a few transponders which the club will own and hire out. These will be prioritised to new or visiting racers.  We understand that the cost of purchasing a transponder is not insignificant, but the benefits are substantial.  Please start saving now so that you can purchase a transponder. We’ll have full details of our bulk purchase in the next few weeks.

Double Jump – “Shock Popper” Safety: We’ve become increasingly concerned about safety aspects related to our spectacular “Shockpopper” jump.  While big jumps are an important part of R/C offroad racing, the small confines of the track, and height and length of jumps being achieved off the shockpopper are a little too much. We are mostly concerned about the safety of marshalls, with cars travelling at great speed and dangerous heights.  We will make changes to the jumps as soon as we’re able, but need to manage the safety of marshalls in the meantime.

Therefore effective immediately the Shockpopper must be taken as a two individual jummps.  Jumping from the first jump onto the top of, or over the second jump is not permissable. We’re asking everybody to abide by those arrangements. There will be a one-lap penalty applied for cars jumping onto the top of, or over the second jump (for each time it happens).  Obviously this mainly impacts on the 8th Big Bangers class, and a few of the Tenth buggy guys…but the rules will stand for all classes (yep…even you Tourer guys!) until we can modify the jumps.

Other Track Changes: We’ll see a couple of tweaks to the current track layout in the next few weeks. We’ll be adjusting the “Crows Foot” jumps (three individual jumps around a hairpin towards the end of the lap) a little, and installing an “outside” barrier on the main straight – to keep the race track approximately one metre from the driver’s stand. If you have sources for heavy shipping rope, or used fire hose (or anything similar), please let us know.

Half-Year Memberships: Now that we’re into the second half of our membership year (memberships run on financial year basis) we’re offering half-year pricing for new members. Half-year prices (for membership through to 30/6) will be $30 for individuals and $50 for families. Members who have joined since 1/1/2011 will be reimbursed the difference between full year and half-year prices.  Note that we still have to pay the full year’s amount to our insurance arrangements, so we’re not able to do a full half-price deal.

Race Classes – 1/10th Buggy: With 1/10th buggy growing this year, and a number of drivers looking for a little more control in terms of motors, we want to let you know what we have in mind with this class.  As numbers, and race time allows, we’ll split 10th Buggy into 2wd and 4wd classes.   Initially these will be Open 2wd and 4wd, but the long term aim is to establish the 2wd class as a controlled class with motor limits. The national standard for 2wd spec class is 17.5 turn ROAR approved brushless motors…and this is our long term aim for our 2wd class.  4wd will remain an ‘Open’ class.

Saturday Racing – Families and Touring Cars: We’re very conscious of two emerging issues at Launceston R/C. The first is the number of new and quite young children enjoying R/C Racing. We want to encourage this, and make it possible for families with particularly young children to participate without the late nights being a factor.  Alongside that we’re seeing difficulties with our Touring Car class.  The track surface has not proven very suitable to the Tourers, and low grip combined with chassis damage has seen the number of drivers running in the class decrease markedly.

To address both these issues, we’re looking for a venue where we can run some day-time races, on a surface more suited to touring cars, and at a time that is more ‘family friendly’ (perhaps Saturday afternoons). This might be a monthly, or bi-monthly event. We have identified three potential venues in the Launceston area and will be negotiating with the owners/managers of those sites over the next few weeks. If you know of other suitable sites, please let us know.

Short Course Truck Tyre Rules: With a number of new trucks being released with standard tyres that don’t fit within the spirit of our tyre limited rules, we’re going to implement an “approved tyre list” rather than the current rules which state that any standard tyre plus the Proline Switch tyre are acceptable.  The Team Associated SC10 Factory Team edition, for example, is supplied standard with soft compound race-tread rubber not within the spirit of our tyre rules.   We’ll develop the approved tyre list over the next couple of weeks, and announce it when complete.  Approved tyres will continue to be those supplied in the RTR versions of SC Trucks (HPI Blitz, Traxxas Slash, Team Associated SC10, Kyosho RB5-SC) but not the race oriented tyres. Short Course Truck rules are on our website in full (hit the “Short Course” link at the top of the page).  We’re continuing to try and keep the Short Course Truck class tightly controlled in terms of tyres, bodyshells, batteries and motors to enable and encourage close and affordable racing. It’s been a success story for Launceston R/C so far and we hope it continues that way.

Duck Race: We have a space to run a demonstration event at the annual Launceston Duck Race on April 9th. We have a bitumen area, approximately 30 metres by 8 metres and plan to mark out a simple track, and run a series of demonstration races.  Your help to promote our sport and club will be very much appreciated….plus we’ll have a heap of fun.  Full details to be announced soon.

Launceston Cup: It’s our intent to organise and run a full day major trophy race event at our Rutherglen circuit some time in the middle of the year. We’ll be locking in dates shortly, but expect a full days racing with 3 or 4 qualifiers, and a triple-leg finals. We’re hoping to attract competitors from throughout Tasmania.  Stay tuned for more news on the Launceston Cup (for reference…we’ll probably run this event after we have transponders up and running).

Volunteers Needed: In order to continue developing as a strong club, we need your help. We’d like to train a number of people in the running of race meetings. We’ll pair you with an experienced race director, and introduce you to the Alycat race management software, and the various tasks involved in running our club events. Even if you can only offer yourself once every couple of months….that’d be awesome! Please see Scott or Paddy if you can help.

NWRCCC Invite: The new executive in place at the North West R/C Car Club are very keen to encourage visitors to their track, and are wanting to encourage electric racers to go and try. NWRCCC race the first and third Sunday each month. We’ll be negotiating with NWRCCC to arrange a club exchange.  That will involve a nominated date where as many of us as possible all go and visit and race with NWRCCC, followed by a return visit from NWRCCC members to our club.  It is a fantastic race track, and a good day out….give it a try sometime.


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31 Responses to Club News & Announcements

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    looks like i have to make the decision to run tourers or my NEW truck (as both recent major investments) as the fact tourers be going to a different venue in near future as i read it i would not be able to travel 4 times a month to race…fortnightly for tourers and fortnightly for truck or do i just sell the lot and forget it????? and do sumthing else instead…..

    • scottg says:

      Hi Peter,

      Just to clarify, I think it’s highly unlikely that an outdoor weekend tourer race would be fortnightly. That’s more likely to be a once-a-month kind of event.


      • Rocket says:

        Some venues we have used succesfully in the past for electric and nitro tourers, and may still be available are the Decorama car park(concrete surfce but very grippy) and Glen Dhu Primary School in south Launceston(high grip tarmac). Both veneues suited the tourers perfectly and the owners/mangers of these were only too happy for us to use them a few years ago. may be worth consideration for the weekend racing if it goes ahead. The STMCC trailor with my track markers is currently back in Hobart, but i am sure it can be based up here for our use.

  2. thephoenix76 says:

    A lot happening. It’s great to see transponders getting rolled out soon. I’ve got my $100 in the bank and ready 🙂

    Seeing the 10th buggies increasing in numbers os also awesome to see. I might have ot think about investing in one.

    Launceston Cup and the Duck race look like great events as well.

    I’d be interested in learning how to operate the alycat software a bit as well, so hopefully I can help out in that respect.

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    Also in regards to the duck race will touring cars be welcome or will we be encouraged not to attend

  4. Peter Hutton says:

    Thx Scott….i will be in if i still have a tourer by then

  5. James says:

    Ive got my Vorza Buggy today so i will be out with two cars from now on, I need to get some experience with the Buggy for the 2012 State Titles at Nwrccc!

    See Ya Next Week with Both Cars! James

  6. ian says:

    Some off you know ive just bought a touring car for rutherglen.It will be disappointing to lose them at rutherglen.But i can see why.Duck race will be good and fun and looking forward to it and launceston cup.Latrobe is a good place to run as been there a couple times racing the 1/8 buggy.

  7. Ben says:

    Great news on the transponders, as well as the shockpopper rules… seen as I aint good enough to do the double jump I think its a great idea 🙂
    Scott, in regards to regulating 2wd buggy can you tell me if similar to other classes “stock standard” cars will be accepted?

    • scottg says:

      Any motor regulations in the 2wd tenth buggy class would be quite some way off….it’s pre-empting a long term plan. But yes, I would imagine we’d look to ensure that RTR cars are fine to compete as they come….(provided they’re not packing massive horsepower!)

  8. Katrina Viney says:

    Hi Scott
    I could help out on the computer if shown how to use it. I am sure Oscar wouldn’t mind sitting their on my knee. lol
    Probably won’t be their every race meeting depends on my days at work.

  9. wayne s says:

    I have purchased both my transponders from
    check them out

  10. Dave says:

    The new ‘Shock-pooper’ rule is very sensible and a great idea.

    Having a race once a month for the younger generation would be awesome to say the least. I could maybe even get my 9 year old daughter out for a bit of fun with her little brother.
    In the current format it runs way to late for the kids and also is more of a place for grown-ups.
    I would be happy to help organise and run such an event if it gets off the ground.

    I’ll leave comment on other matters since I wouldn’t call myself a regular member these days. I think common sense will prevail though.

  11. Paddy says:

    I too am disappointed that Touring cars aren’t working there, as I myself have just bought a car. But i would never run it on that surface… But also its a win win in my eyes, we will be running tourers on a much better surface once a month or so, plus we can really tweak the Rutherglen track now… On a different note my B4.1 17.5 stock buggy is ready and will be running that in place of my B44 🙂

    • Rocket says:

      got any spare B44 shock shafts lol 🙂

      • Paddy says:

        Sorry rocket, no spare shafts yet. But will lend you the whole shock if you like…

      • Rocket says:

        I have shortened a Colt buggy shock shaft and re threaded it .. fits like a new one and probably wont ever break like the associated crap 😉

    • ian says:

      Will be running my tourer thursday just to give it a run and iron out the trouble.Running a outdoor meeting will give us more racing and the kids can come and run to.Looking forward to it.(more racing better we get)

  12. Peter Hutton says:

    anyone wanna buy a cheap tourer i spose……?? see me thursday night for a gr8 deal

  13. Rocket says:

    question on transponders .. will the sytem the club is looking at recognise the AMB transpoders tha most of us already have and use at the other clubs around Tas and Aus ?

  14. Rocket says:

    I am one glad to see common sense has prevailed with the insane shock popper jump .. having seen several pilots take out other cars mid air and wreck thier race, cars hitting the wall at insane speeds and hieghts, and many near misses with cars and marshals, its only a matter of time before someone got hurt. Great decision with that one guys 🙂 as spectacular as it is seeing 8th buggies launch off that thing, safety must come first.

    • thephoenix76 says:

      Yes, some of the jumps, even by the big bangers from the 2nd jump were getting a bit too risky. I saw one buggy hit the roller door above head height.

      • Rocket says:

        Dont know if any one noticed or not, but i rarely marshall near that big jump for that exact reason , i value my ugly head too much to have it knocked off by a low flying 5kg missile lol 😉

      • Peter Hutton says:

        LOL Rocket….u got that right UGLY……hmmm so am

  15. Alex says:

    I’d be interested in learning the timing system whenever I can make it to Rutherglen. Wont be in Launceston to often with uni starting next week; but need to learn in case an offroad club gets up and running in Hobart.

  16. Greenie says:

    great to see the imput here on the club.
    it’s your club peoples, so the more info we can get from you the easier it is to get decisions made, and actions taken.
    so voice you opinions, make yourself heard, and ask that question, you wont know the answer if you don’t ask!!!

    i myself cant wait to start the family days!!!! that HPI Cup racer might not be as far off as i thought!!!!! LOL!

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