Race Report: Thursday 10th Feb

Our Autumn 2011 Season kicked off with a great night’s racing for Round One.  Highlights included a whole heap of junior drivers out enjoying the school holidays, and wins for Adam Tenteye (Novice), Sam Wells (Tenth Buggy), Rocket Houghton (Short Course Truck), Graham Viney (Tourers) and Josh Fogarty (8th Scale).

A special welcome to our first time racers tonight: Amy McKenzie, Riley Guyatt, Dylan Holloway and Jack Kennan (I think first time at Rutherglen for Dylan and Jack). Great to have you guys with us.

Full results now uploaded here.  Click through for the full Race Report:

Novice Buggy

Six drivers lined up for our Novice class tonight, including four first-time drivers, and four juniors.  Adam Tenteye was the quickest throughout qualifying and duly lined up on pole position.  The final was a cracker, with Mitchell Guyatt, Amy McKenzie, Jade Chandler and finally Adam Tenteye all running up front. Tenteye enventually got there for the win (his second in this class) ahead of Jade Chandler, with Dylan Holloway getting through for a  last gasp third place.

  1. Adam Tenteye (4wd Buggy)
  2. Jade Chandler (Traxxas Bandit)
  3. Dylan Holloway (Team Associated SC10)
  4. Mitchell Guyatt (HPI Blitz)
  5. Amy McKenzie (Team Associated SC10)
  6. Riley Guyatt (HPI E-Firestorm)

Tenth Buggy

Having been dominated throughout 2010 by Steve Madziara, the Tenth Buggy class has taken a whole new appearance in 2011.  A host of new entrants appeared this week, mostly running Team Associated’s B4.1 2wd buggy.  Sam Wells was getting his B4.1 dialled in and set a strong qualifying pace to grab the pole spot. He went on to a big win in the final with his fastest time of the night. Madziara’s Traxxas Bandit continues to work well, and he worked through the field to second place with just a couple of laps to go, while Chris Brickwood and Paddy Hume fought to the death over third spot, Brickwood getting there.

  1. Sam Wells (Team Associated B4.1)
  2. Steve Madziara(Traxxas Bandit)
  3. Chris Brickwood (Team Associated B4.1)
  4. Paddy Hume (Team Associated B44)
  5. Ben Wilson (Traxxas Bandit)
  6. Andrew McKenzie (Team Associated B4.1)
  7. John Silczak (4wd Buggy)

Short Course Trucks

A big field of short course trucks, and an outstanding qualifying duel to hold everybody’s interest. Rocket’s Blitz was quickest through the first 2 rounds of qualifying, before Josh Fogarty banged in an outstanding last minute drive to snatch the TQ spot – the first time an SC10 has sat on the pole for quite a while.

Ian Scott (Blitz) got to the front on lap 6 of the B final, and from there was rock solid, going on to his first B final win at Rutherglen. Congrats Ian!  Behind him a cracker battle between Alexander Wade and James Atkinson ended with the pair split by the tiniest margin at the finish, Wade getting there from Atkinson.

Fogarty jumped to an early lead in the A final, Rocket close at hand, and swooping to the lead on lap 3. From there the two were close, Rocket having a slight edge, before a rough lap mid-race for Fogarty left Rocket with a comfortable lead he would hold to the finish.  Fogarty maintained a good second spot, with recent arrival Andrew McKenzie having by far his best finals performance yet with a stellar third position.

  1. Rocket Houghton (HPI Blitz)
  2. Josh Fogarty (Team Asssociated SC10)
  3. Andrew MCKenzie (Team Associated SC10)
  4. Nathan Clark (HPI Blitz)
  5. Richard Green (HPI Blitz)
  6. Jack Keenan (Team Associated SC10)
  7. Sam Leeder (Traxxas Slash)
  8. Andrew Green (HPI Blitz)

B Final

  1. Ian Scott (HPI Blitz)
  2. Alexander Wade (Traxxas Slash)
  3. James Atkinson (Traxxas Slash)
  4. Graham Viney (Traxxas Slash)
  5. Philip Ferguson (Traxxas Slash)


A small field of just two tourers tonight, but some entertaining racing between Graham Viney and Peter Hutton.  Honours were shared, with Hutton securing TQ, before Viney stepped it up in the finals, setting the fastest time on his way to the win.

  1. Graham Viney (XRAY)
  2. Peter Hutton (XRAY)

8th Scale “Big Bangers”

The 8th guys continue to make use of massive horsepower, and frightening amounts of height over the big double-jump combination.  Qualifying was a battle between Rocket, Steve Madziara and Josh Fogarty, Rocket getting the pole spot.

Madziara jumped fastest, and led early in a helter-skelter first few laps. Rocket tasted the front spot briefly, before Fogarty took over on lap four and proceeded to stamp his authority on the race. It was a performance that’s been coming for a while – Josh running the fastest time of the night in what was an unstoppable drive. Behind him Rocket and Madziara fought hard, swapping places several times before Steve eventually snuck away in the closing minute, Rocket third.

  1. Josh Fogarty (Kyosho)
  2. Steve Madziara (Kyosho)
  3. Rocket Houghton (LRP)
  4. Dave Holloway (Team Assocaited RC8Te)
  5. Ben Wilson (Hyper)
  6. John Silczak (Mugen)
  7. Bec Phillips (Team Associated)

Round two of the summer series fires up next Thursday night (February 24th) for more exciting R/C action.  Come join the fun!


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12 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 10th Feb

  1. Paddy says:

    So tired!!!

  2. ian says:

    Great night for me 1st in b main short course trucks.Good to see the kids running aswell and having a good time. but great night had by all

  3. Alex says:

    After my speedy went awol after half a lap and sitting the rest of the night out, I got home and took it apart to find it was just the internal board that had worked out of the pins that hold it in and power it. Could have had it fixed in 10min!

  4. James says:

    Had a good night out with the ProTrac Suspension Kit onboard the Slash, At one stage i got close to rocket buy .5 sec slower from his quick lap time in the 2nd heat but its my average lap times are letting me down, Once i can get that going well i will be right from now on!

  5. Greenie says:

    Great to see the kids out last night for a run

  6. thephoenix76 says:

    It was a great night last night, great to see some young racers out!

    Photos can be seen here

  7. Peter Hutton says:

    Had another gr8 night racing besides only having a rear wheel drive only tourer most of the night. Graham and I had a ball with some close racing all night even if there was only two of us. Come on guys get your tourers back on the track. Congrats to all the kids was gr8 to see the future at work.
    On a bad note of the night was the amount of Macca rubbish around the track area please people put your rubbish in the bins… thats my whinge…lol


  8. joshua fogarty says:

    got any results yet???

  9. Rocket says:

    Awesome race meeting .. absolutley enjoyed the close competition in Short course class and big bangers .. great to be back racing for the new year .. was so good to see so many new and young racers out having a go at our great fun hobby and enjoying them selves .. No doubt they will come up through the classes and soon be showing us old timers how its done 😉

  10. scottg says:

    back from up north….paddy has emailed me the results. will get them up later tonight, or tommorrow. apologies for delay…badly timed work trip.

  11. scottg says:

    Results link and full race report added……

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