Autum ’11 Racing Kicks off this Week

While there are still a few weeks of summer remaining, this Thursday (10th Feb) seems the first round of Launceston R/C’s Autumn racing season kick off.

Following the pattern established in our first season during 2010, the Autumn season will run for three months until the end of April, with each driver’s best five of six points results counting toward the Autumn 2011 Season championship.  While non-members are welcome to visit and race with us, only club members will actually acrue points in the series.

We’ll be running our usual classes of 10th Buggy, 8th “Big Bangers”, Tourers and Short Course Trucks, and will also kick off a new round of racing for our Novice class. With a good turn-out last race meeting, and a few more enquiries in between times, we should see another good group of novices joining the fray.

If you’ve got some juniors at home wanting to come and play, my two kids will be racing this week – their last for a while with school returning next week.

Don’t forget this week marks the last chance to enter for the 2011 Tasmanian 8th Offroad Champs (head for the NWRCCC web site), and there isn’t much longer before entries close for the 2011 Tasmanian 10th EP Onroad champs (STMCC to enter and for more details).

See you Thursday night.


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9 Responses to Autum ’11 Racing Kicks off this Week

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    See you all tomorrow night…running the Tourer and maybe the 4X4 truck if can source a 13T Mod1 pinion for it. Lets go racing

  2. Peter Hutton says:


  3. Dave says:

    Shall see you all tomorrow night 😉
    Been a while since I have caught up with a few of you.
    You better not have changed too much!!!

    Dylan is keen as mustard to come along tomorrow night so he will be getting his first taste of Rutherglen for sure.
    I’m sure he will have a great time fronting a start in Novice.

    See you soon.

  4. ian says:

    looking forward to tommorro night racing .Only got the blitz this week and hopeful next race will have the new toy.Catchall tommorro

  5. James says:

    I’ll be there for a run in the Slash!

  6. thephoenix76 says:

    I should be up and running, I got the chassis on my ESE replaced last night, Just need to do the electrics today and i’ll be there!!

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