2011 Season is here!

Our 2011 racing season kicks off next Thursday night (27th) as R/C action goes live at Rutherglen raceway for the new year.

After a six-week off-season, cars are being prepared all over northern Tasmania for the resumption of friendly competition.

Adding extra interest, there are a number of our regular drivers from 2010 packing new rides, or shifting classes for the state of the new year.

Perhaps drawing the most interest is new emphasis on the 10th buggy class, with a number of drivers either already equipped, or contemplating a shift to this class.  10th buggy has been the property of Steve Madziara until now, but he’ll face some stiff opposition in the weeks ahead from the likes of Paddy Hume and Rocket, not to mention regular rivals Ben Wilson and John Silczak.

Short Course trucks will once again be one of the mainstay classes at Launceston R/C this year, with plenty of fast regulars, and some new faces likely to line up next Thursday night. Sam Wells, Rocket, Nathan Clark, Greenie, Josh Fogarty….there’s a lot to like in this lineup, together with the continued progress of drivers like Chris Madziara, Sam Leeder and Ryan Hughes.

8th buggy will likewise be packed with speed and excitement – the Big Bangers always thrill with their combination of massive horsepower and 4wd traction.  Could it be Josh Fogarty that breaks to become the leading driver in this class? He’ll have to get by Rocket, and stave off the rapidly improving John Silczak to do it.

With conditions in the shed at Rutherglen improving a lot toward the end of 2010, this could well be the year of the Touring Car. Grip levels were improving, with the cars looking better and better. Sam Wells will start the year favoured in this class, having put plenty of time into it. Rocket will be quick when he runs, and the ongoing battle between Graham Viney and Peter Hutton will step up a notch as well.

There’s a lot to look forward to this year, and it all starts next Thursday night.  Whether you’re a regular with us, an occasional visitor, or are contemplating your first race meeting….we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Click through to the comments, let us know what class/es you’re planning on racing, and what you’re looking forward to about this year’s Launceston R/C race season.


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14 Responses to 2011 Season is here!

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    The Xray tourer all ready to go and the new Hyper10SC 4WD is in construction atm. Hope to have it there thursday for a shakedown run only…

  2. joshua fogarty says:

    will be there with the 1/8th only next week waiting on a new diff for my sc10… see you all there!

  3. Alex says:

    Would it be possible for anyone to solder a single deans connector onto Bec’s new HW 80A ESC. It currently has a double connector and once this is done she’s ready to run her RC8. I’ll bring my SC10 for a run also.

  4. Scott Kopriva says:

    Hi all i should be there with the tourer agian after changing diff and tryes hopefully drive better thanks Paddy for great job

  5. Katrina says:

    Is anyone going out eariler to work on the track as their is a couple of bolts sticking up around the track. Graham can bring his big angle grinder?

    • Paddy says:

      Hi Katrina, I will be there from about 2 onwards I reckon. Angle grinder would be good thanks. 🙂

      • Katrina says:

        Ok Paddy won’t be their that early as I don’t finish work till 3.30 so prob around 4.30 we should be their.

  6. Andrew Mackenzie says:

    Hi, I’ll be there. Hoping to run SC truck and 10th buggy.

  7. Paddy says:

    2 more sleeps! It’s been a long wait between races for me… I wonder if I’ll remember how to steer! 😯

  8. ian says:

    Paddy could you bring those planks in tommorro if you got room please Ian

  9. scott says:

    I am excited about the new season. Can’t wait to hit the track tonight.

    Have two cars ready, just have to decide which to run……the Blitz or the mighty Schumacher CAT to take on all the new tenth buggy guys. Either way, should be a fun night out!

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