2011 Season Details

We’re just over one week away from the first race meeting of the 2011 Launceston R/C season.  Racing kicks off on January 27th, and we’ll post specific details for that event in the next few days.

For now though, here’s all the info you need for Season 2011:


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12 Responses to 2011 Season Details

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    kewl….cant wait till next week….tourer all ready to roll

  2. Greenie says:

    Better clean up the blitz then!!!!

  3. James says:

    Got the night off from work so i will be out in the Slash!

  4. Paddy says:

    B44 is ridiculously ready!!
    So look out 1/10th Buggy!! 😈

  5. Dave says:

    Have fun all.

    This one has to work.

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